Mafia Wars 2: 5 vs 5 Arena and Equipments Guide

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       Fire up your crew and dominate the 5 vs 5 Arenas in Mafia Wars 2. Refer here to learn how
to increase your fighting power, crew stats, and inventory slots. The Armory can be unlocked at the Marketplace after reaching level 7.
- The Armory -

       The Armory is a special building that you can build to gain access to your top 5 crews and
to increase your inventory space. More space will give you more stats from stored Weapons, Armor and Vehicles.
     - Go to the Marketplace > Buildings > Special > Buy the Armory Building.
     - Build your Armory and upgrade them to increase your Inventory slots!
     - Refer here to learn how to upgrade buildings: Mafia Wars 2: How to Upgrade Buildings

     - At level 2 Armory: 32 Inventory Slots
     - At level 3 Armory: 42 Inventory Slots
     - and so on...

- The 5 vs 5 Arena -

       The game will automatically choose the top 5 players in your crew to represent your
battle crew for the 5 vs 5 Arenas. Go to your Armory to view and customize your crew.

Things to keep in mind:
     - All members in your crew will have 0 stats as default, no weapons, armors or vehicles
equipped. You will still need to equip them with gears to get more stats.

Your Own Stats
     - You will still carry your current stats in the battle.

Your Crew Stats
     - Your crew stats is highly dependent to your gears in your inventory.
     - They will automatically use all unequipped gears. The more gears you have the better.

       It is highly recommended that you only sell items from your inventory when you get the
message "Inventory Full". Sell your weakest item first then store the new item.

       Do not sell all your weak items, always make your inventory full and only sell items one
at a time as stated above. This is because you will need all the gears you currently have for equipping your main crew.

Gears your Crew can use:

     - Light
     - Heavy
     - Special

     - Upper Body
     - Lower Body
     - Head

     - Ground
     - Water
     - Air

Your Total Stats
     - Your Own Stats + Your Crew Stats = Your Total Stats when you enter 5 vs 5 Arenas.

Example 5 vs 5 Arena: 
     - Dead End Arena

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