MapleStory Adventures Florina Beach Location

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       A new map has been added to the world of MapleStory Adventures! Florina Beach
comes with 5 new areas, 1 monster boss, new fashion items from boxes and boss drops collection and more sets of quests. Read more to learn what you can do around Florin Beach!
- Florina Beach -

     - To enter Florina Beach, you must be at least level 26.
     - Go to Henesys then enter Florin Beach. Located at the left side of Henesys.
     - Refer to the screenshot below.
What's new?
     - A new energy giving leveling area!
     - Florina Beach - Clang's Sandy Beach - Clang's Buffet Collection - Cooked Sea Bream
     - Refer here for more info: MapleStory Adventures Ultimate Leveling Guide

     - New Boss Monster!
     - Boss: Desert Giant - Desert Giant Area (Florina Beach)

     - New Fashion Items!
     - Star Beach Shorts (Pants) - Sandy Relics Collection

     - Sunny Mystery Box - Hawaiian Flower (Hat)
     - Sunny Treasure Box - Baby Lupin Cape (Cape)
     - Refer here to learn more: MapleStory Adventures Fashion Items List

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