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       Here are some Tips, Tricks and Information for gamers playing Wild Ones on Facebook or
Google+. Refer here to learn the basic and advanced game navigation and battle strategies. Dominate your enemies on every battle modes and become the last man standing!
- Gameplay Tips and Info -

Collecting Game Items or Weapons
     - Claim Mystery Gifts! resets at server game time (24 hours).
     - Send gifts to your friends to receive gifts from them!
     - Collect by visiting neighbors. Click on "PLAY WITH PET" to claim items.
     - Resets at server game time (24 hours). Add more neighbors to collect more!
     - Collect crates inside battles to collect random weapons.
     - You can also receive a set amount of items after leveling up.
     - Go to Shop and buy them with coins or treats (cash).

Gaining EXP (Level) and Coins (Money)
     - Go to the Multiplayer Mode and successfully complete battles!
     - Be aware! You'll not be able to get earned EXP and Coins after quitting battles!
     - Some players really loves to quit though to reduce or avoid lose counts in their history.
     - Visit neighbors to get a chance to get more EXP and Coins!

How to Get Treats (Cash)
     - Complete Achievements to gain 1 Free Treat per star completed.
     - Refer here: Wild Ones: Ultimate Medals Achievements Guide

     - By default, new players will get 10 free treats!
     - Exchange real cash for Treats through the "Get Treats" Menu.

     - Treats are very limited specially for non-cash players so spend your treats wisely.
     - Example: Spend treats for buying Pets or Accessories with stats/effects.

- How To Reduce Game Lag -

       To reduce game lag, go to the game's settings and set them to your preferences.

Settings Outside Battle
Settings Inside Battle

     - Set to "LO" to reduce the graphics quality and enhance gameplay.
     - This is very important even if your PC can run the game smoothly, switching the
graphics quality to low will give you a clearer screen thus enhancing your aiming.
     - In battle mode, you should have a blank background.

     - For more better aiming, set your game window to fullscreen and zoom out!

- Pet Tips and Info -
     - To Buy Pets, Go to SHOP > PETS. Unlock more by leveling up.
       Allocate stats to your Pets every after leveling up to increase their attributes. Note
that,every Pet has their own set of default stats. Either go balanced by allocating stats to
their weaknesses, or pure stats by enhancing their strengths.
     - Common stats used are: Strength or Health.

Strength - Plus damage given to the enemies.
Health - Increases maximum health points.
Speed - Increases walking or movement speed.
Jump - Increases the height and reach of your jumps.

       Deleting a Pet can not be undone! Once they are gone, they are gone. You get to keep
their stat points, guns and clothes though. Pet history will not carry on to the new pet's history.

Unlimited Use Pets
     - Pets that can be bought with Coins or Treats
     - Commonly used Coin Pets are: Dog (Default) and Rabbit (Flexibility).
     - They can be used in battle without any limitations.

Limited Use Pets
     - Though they have an exceptional stats/attributes and pet skills, they can only be used
limited number of times depending on their Chow Level.
     - Example: Super Skunk
     - Refer here: Wild Ones: Pets with Chow Guide

- Mini Pets Tips and Info -
       Mini Pets are your Pet's pet, yes they can also attack randomly and can even gather
crates/health for you! Go to SHOP > ACCESSORIES > MINIPETS to buy your mini pets.
     - So far it looks like they all have the same function so just buy mini Pets with Coins.

- Battle Mode Tips and Info -

Most Popular Battle Mode
     - Multiplayer > Point Match > Any Maps. Go here to get a quick multiplayer match.
     - Damage your opponents to score points.

Turn Timer
     - Be aware of the time limit, you have to hit someone before your turn time expires.
     - Most game modes will have 20 seconds per turn unless you are in a customized map.

Point System
     - Points are given every time you damage or kill your enemies.
     - Points are also given depends on the area you destroyed along with your enemies.

     - Bets can be unlocked at Lvl 4.
     - Bets are used to get a chance to gain more Coins and items.
     - In order to gain such rewards, you have to win and place 1st in the next battle.
     - For non-cash users, avoid treat bets. Stick to coins bets instead.

When to Use Special Weapons (Weapons that dishes ultimate destructions).
     - Best if you are currently in a bet.
     - If you are the last hitter (time based) and you can win after your turn.

Battle Techniques NEW!
     - Avoid getting close next to your enemies. Other players might see you both a very
good multiple damage targets.
     - Avoid getting close to land mines too. You will get damaged by it if someone managed
to hit it.
     - Upper ground is better, it will give you a wider view.
     - Experiment! Experience will help you get stronger!

- Play with Friends! -
     - Invite friends to play with you!
     - Team up and join public battle modes, surprise your opponents!

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