Wild Ones Beginner's Guide

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       Here is a guide for all beginners playing Wild Ones! Learn the basics of maneuvering and
aiming to quickly outlast your enemies in game. Be the top dog in this ultimate free online browser game!
- Beginner's Maneuver Guide -

How to Maneuver your Pet
     - On your turn, click and hold your left mouse button anywhere around your pet to make
your pet walk or jump in your desired location.
     - Alternatively, It is recommended to use your keyboard instead to maneuver your pet for
better flexibility. Practice using your mouse for aiming while moving your pet with the keyboard.
     - Hold SHIFT + Mouse Direction: To scan the map you are in. Helpful for checking off
the map enemies.
     - You can also use your mouse wheel to Zoom in or out. Zoom out for better gameplay.
     - If your keyboard is not working, you might be in Comment Mode. Press Enter to exit.

How to Shoot

     - Click "Change Weapon" and select a weapon you like in the window.
     - or simply click on the default weapon: Missile (Missiles are infinite, they never run out).
     - Aim with your mouse.

     - Power (0% Minimum to 100% Maximum). Click and hold your mouse button then drag
to build up power. More Power gives weapons a more further reach. Melee weapons must be used at close range though to become effective.

     - Angle (90° directly upwards to -90° directly downwards). Adjust and remember your
last angle to easily adjust your next aim. This is extremely helpful when you are trying to hit enemies using high angles.

     - Let go - to shoot your weapon!

       Practice playing on your own in the Practice Mode to get the feel of your weapons. Each
weapons has their own weight, reach, power, and effects.


- Game Interface -
     - Refer to the Help Window above to learn what the game interface means.
     - Alternatively, you can access this game help by clicking the "?" in your game screen.

- Game Menu -

Overview - mainly for events purposes and special offers. 
Displays what you can unlock next levels.

Battle Modes: This is where you will show your battle skills.
Most Common Mode: Point Match > Any Map "?"

Practice here to hone your aiming skills.
You can't get any rewards here after a battle though.

Customize Pets: Upgrade Stats, History and Equip Gears.
This is also the place to delete unwanted Pets.

Place to buy weapons, new Pets and Accessories.
For non-cash users, only buy items with Coins.

Games for chance items and pets. Requires Treats or (Cash).

Treats (Game Cash): Exchange real cash for Treats.
     - Occasionally, the game will pop out windows offering some gameplay items for cash,
free gifts to send to your friends, game events and more.
     - If you are not interested, just click the close (X) button.


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