MapleStory Adventures Hire Multiple Friends

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       A new skill has been added that allows you to hire more friends at the same time. This
is a very good chance to boost up your own level because now, players can get more energy per hires! It will greatly reduce your grinding time as well!
- Heart Level -
       To be able to unlock your Multiple Hire Skill, You must first level up your Heart Level.
How to Level Up Heart Levels
     - Hearts can be obtained by hiring friends or by using your returning hires.
     - 1 Heart per Hired Friend!
     - Reach at least Heart Level 5 to unlock your first Multiple Hire Skill.

- Multiple Hires -

     - After reaching Lvl 5 Heart Level, go to your Skill window and learn the new skill!
     - Refer to the screenshot above this guide for the skill window.
     - Lvl 1 Multiple Hire will unlock up to 2 friends at the same time.
     - Lvl 2 Multiple Hire will unlock up to 3 friends at the same time.
     - and so on...

     - You can also use your skill to call friends via Returning Hires!

The Benefits
     - More friends means more Stuns! Enemies will have a hard time hitting you now!
     - Conserves your Energy! specially for melee characters because of the reason above.
     - Grinding time is lessen now that we can hire more friends at a time.

     - Hire all your friends now and form a party!

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