MapleStory Adventures Gear Enchantment Guide

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       Cool pic eh? Yep, this is a MapleStory Adventures guide for gear enchanting. Refer
here to learn how to enchant your gears and hone them to your character's needs. Get more out of your gear!
- Gear Enchanting -

Alberich the Enchanter
     - Visit Alberich the Enchanter in your Home to help you Enchant your gears.
Materials and Requirements
     - Enchant Scrolls and Golds
     - Visit Yulete and craft Enchant Scrolls or ask your friends to gift you.
     - The more you successfully upgrade your gear, the more materials you will need.
     - Requirements varies per level and per gear.

Enchant Results
     - Added stat bonuses on your equipments!


- Secondary Stats -

       New secondary stats added to all Gear. In addition to Attack Power, all Gear comes with
a secondary stat!

     - Primary Stat: Attack Power - increases your overall damage dealt.

     - Critical: increases your chance of performing triple damage critical attacks on monsters
     - Dodge: increases your chance of evading enemy attacks
     - Luck: increases chance to get items from enemies

       By Default, the stat above are added to the below equipments. Also, be on the lookout for
new Rare and Legendary Gears that have a chance to drop from Monsters! Rare and Legendary Gear have superior stats to normal Gear. Increase your chance of getting a Rare or Legendary Gear by clearing out Dungeons.

Weapons/Capes/Gloves/Shoes - Increases Critical Strike Chance.
     - More Criticals > Less Energy Used per Attack > More EXP!

Hats - Lucky Chance (increases monster drop rates).
     - Best used at areas giving Energy Items from Collections.
     - Higher Drop Rates > More Collections to Trade > More Energy for Attacks > More EXP
     - Good for finishing quests related to Item drop hunts.

Coats/Long Coats/Pants/Shield - Increases Dodge Chance.
     - Must have for melee characters! and optional for ranged characters.
     - High Dodge > Less Energy Depleted from Enemy Attacks > More Energy > More EXP

- Enchanting -

Enchanting Estimated Success Rates
     +1  to  +2 = 90%
     +2  to  +3 = 80%
     +3  to  +4 = 70%
     +4  to  +5 = 60%
     +5  to  +6 = 50%
     +6  to  +7 = 50%

     - From here on, every time you fail, your item's level will decrease by 1!

     +7  to  +8 = 40%
     +8  to  +9 = 40%
     +9  to  +10 = 40%

     - From here on, every time you fail, your item's level will go back to +7!
     - It is possible to go beyond +10 but the odds goes thinner! Good luck!
     - Aim for +6 or +7 if you don't have enough enchant scrolls or Golds.
     - Ideal to all types of gears: Common/Uncommon/Rare/Legendary

      - If you can afford more enchants, go for +10!
      - Ideal for Rare and Legendary Gears

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