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       Here are some tips, tricks and info for Mafia Wars 2. If this is your first time to play this
game, refer here first to learn the basics: Mafia Wars 2: Beginner's How to Play Guide Use any means necessary to rise up, get revenge, and build your criminal empire in the seedy underbelly of Las Vegas.
- Quick Tips to Remember! -

     - Do your Missions! They serve as your guide through the game.
     - You will need 100 crews or friends to unlock all workers.
     - Choose jobs that you can harvest the next time you go online.
     - If you have a good number of active crews, let them harvest your buildings and workers
to conserve energy! Do this first before harvesting! NEW!

     - Be mindful of your level bar. If you are about to level, stop collecting energy and use
what you currently have. After leveling up, your energy bar will be refilled to maximum.
     - After leveling, check all Marketplaces for best gears! Check the marketplace from your
turf, arena shops and other local shops around Sin City!

     - Build all available buildings as soon as possible to unlock more game features!
     - Use or buy something from newly built buildings to boost your stats.

Boosting Up!
     - To get ahead on the game, always make sure you have the best equipments for your
character. Check every Menu and Tab in the Marketplace, Arena Shops and Shops around
Sin City!
     - Note that you can equip a light, heavy and special weapons simultaneously. NEW!
     - Same way with Armory and Vehicles! NEW!

     - When fighting at the arena, fight lower leveled players to get some advantage.
     - When your health is too low to kill another player, fight a high leveled player and refill
your health after losing. The one you just fought will disappear from the arena!
Refer here for more info: Mafia Wars 2: Boss Fight and Arena Battle Guide

What you can do with your Crew

     - Send and receive free gifts.
     - Visit friends every day to collect resources and energy!

     - Help out on jobs and quests and boss fights.
     - Hire friends to work in your buildings, and return the favor by working in theirs.

     - Fight rivals who invade your friends’ turf – take them out for fun and profit.
     - Help friends rebuild when a rival crew busts up their turf.

How to get Rivals
     - Players that fought you in the Arena.
     - Players that fought you on your home turf.
     - Players that fought your friends on their home turf.
What you can do to your Rivals
     - Rob them! refer here: Mafia Wars 2: How to Rob Rivals

- Character Equipments -

       Click on your character’s portrait located at the upper left corner of your game screen to
customize and equip your character with Weapons, Armors, Vehicles, and Wardrobes.

       Upon entering the profile and equipment screen of your character,
     - the upper set of equipments is your inventory. Equip or unequip gears here.
     - the lower set of equipments is a preview from the store or marketplace. Buy gears here.

     - Light
     - Heavy
     - Special

     - Upper
     - Lower Body
     - Head

     - Ground
     - Water
     - Air

     - Top, Bottom, Head, Accessories and Full Body Wardrobes.
     - Wardobes doesn't have any added stats. They serve as fashion items.

     - Always make sure you have your best armor, weapons and vehicle equipped before
you fight! It will give you a huge advantage over your enemies.
     - Don't forget to upgrade your shops to be able to purchase unlocked equipments!

     - Alternatively, you can also equip or unequip gears from your inventory window. Located
in the lower right corner of your game screen.

Cool Gears!
     - Buy them from various shops or Arena (token )shops in each location (refer above pic).
     - You can also get some pretty mean gears through crafting!

- Character Stats -

     - Note that all gears have their own set of stats: 2 primary attributes and 3 secondary
attributes. Even Armors have an attack stat value and Weapons can also have a defense stat
value.Your actual total stats are the combined stats of all your equipped items.
Primary Stat Attributes

     - Increases and determines how much damage you can deal per hit.

     - Reduces damage you take in combat, thus making your opponent's attacks do
less damage.

Secondary Stat Attributes

Critical Rating:
     - Increases how often you score a critical hit (higher damage than normal) in combat.
     - Effective against opponents with high punch rating.

Punch Rating
     - Similar to dexterity or hit rate.
     - Decreases your chance of suffering a glancing blow (only 50% damage).
     - Effective against opponents with high stealth rating.

Stealth Rating
     - Similar to dodge.
     - Increases your opponent's chance to suffer a glancing blow (50% damage) against you.
     - Effective against opponents with high critical rating.

Stats Tips and Explanation
     - Refer here: Mafia Wars 2: Character Stats Guide

- Buildings and Workers -
       Purchase buildings in the Marketplace to construct more businesses! Unlock more cool
buildings by completing missions and reaching level requirements.

     - Production Buildings: Produces Products.
     - Casinos: Produces Cash.
     - Energy Buildings: Produces Energy.
     - Special Buildings: Weapon Shop, Garage, Warehouse and more! (Mission Required).
     - Crafting Buildings: Workshops and Factories (Mission Required).
     - Bank: Money you deposit in the bank will be protected from robbers. (Tutorial)

     - Some buildings require you to  hire friends to staff them.
     - Some buildings requires yours friends to click on your shared feed. After completing the
required number of clicks, the new buildings will appear on your inventory. NEW!

Upgrade Buildings
     - Click on the building you want to upgrade.
     - Invite your friends to become your staff or team members or use your Gold Bars to
auto fill the slots.
     - Upgraded buildings will have greater productivity and capabilities.
     - Refer here for more info: Mafia Wars 2: How to Upgrade Buildings

       Workers are a great source of money. Hire workers and make them spin your products
into cash safely for you. Click on the Workers button to assign a job for your workers.
     - Workers requires a number of products depends on the type of job.
Getting more Workers and Jobs
     - Invite more crew to unlock more workers!
     - Complete Missions and fulfill requirements to unlock more jobs.


- Crafting -

       To start crafting Power-Ups, weapons and more, unlock the special building Workshop!
     - Chose an item to craft.
     - Collect the required components from your friends via requests, from rivals, purchasing
them with tokens, or at the marketplace.
     - Refer here for more info: Crafting and How to Upgrade Game Items Guide

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