Mafia Wars 2: Character Stats Guide

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       Mafia Wars 2 character stats is a little bit confusing because it has two different
divisions. Primary stats determines the base strength of your character while Secondary stats enhances your Primary attacks and defenses honing your character's uniqueness.
- Character Stats -

     - Note that all gears have their own set of stats: 2 primary attributes and 3 secondary
attributes. Even Armors have an attack stat value and Weapons can also have a defense stat
value.Your actual total stats are the combined stats of all your equipped items.
Primary Stat Attributes

     - Increases and determines how much damage you can deal per hit.

     - Reduces damage you take in combat, thus making your opponent's attacks do
less damage.

Secondary Stat Attributes

Critical Rating:
     - Increases how often you score a critical hit (higher damage than normal) in combat.
     - Effective against opponents with high punch rating.
     - Not effective against opponents with high stealth rating.

Punch Rating
     - Similar to dexterity or hit rate.
     - Decreases your chance of suffering a glancing blow (only 50% damage).
     - Effective against opponents with high stealth rating.
     - Not effective against opponents with high critical rating.

Stealth Rating
     - Similar to dodge.
     - Increases your opponent's chance to suffer a glancing blow (50% damage) against you.
     - Effective against opponents with high critical rating.
     - Not effective against opponents with high punch rating.

Stats Tips and Explanation

     - Primary stats should be your main focus, because they give out huge bonuses.
     - Plus, they are not dependent to luck chance.

     - Secondary stats defines your character's uniqueness. They all have their own strength
and weaknesses. Refer below. ">" means effective against.
     - Critical > Punch > Stealth > Critical

Example Scenario
     - Two players have the same Attack and Defense ratings.
     - Player 1 has much higher Critical Rating with low Punch and Stealth ratings.
     - Player 2 has much higher Stealth Rating with low Punch and Critical ratings.

     - Now according to the stats descriptions above, Player 1 will be in a disadvantage.
     - Why? because Player 2 has the perfect defense against Player 1's criticals!
     - Player 1 will deal more Glancing Blows than Criticals because of Player 2s' stealth stat!

So Player 2 will Win the Battle? Likely but not Always!

     - First, we have the word "chance" in the stats description so it means that the chances
Player 1 will do glancing blows to Player 2 is highly dependent to Luck or Random percentage.

     - Second, the Example Scenario above didn't indicate the Levels of the two players.
     - If Player 1 has a higher level than Player 2, Player 1 might win because higher leveled
players will have higher Health Points! Even though they have the same Attack and Defense.

     - Also note that, the 1st hitter will always have a huge advantage!

Bottom Point

     - Battle outcomes greatly depends on the Level of both players. Higher leveled players will
have higher Health Points than lower leveled players.
     - Higher leveled players can also equip or use better gears and power ups.
     - Equip best gears for your level then target lower leveled players to gain advantage!

     - Battles are totally luck based!, but the 1st hitter will always have a huge advantage!
     - Example: 2 Players battles with each other with same level and equipments.
     - Example: 2 Players battles with each other with same level but with different
equipments (non-Gold and Token gears).
     - Lastly, you can't see your opponent's combined stats before a fight so it is really
against luck!

Safe Side
     - To be in the safe side, how about making your stats balanced?
     - Maybe balanced in a way that you just equip the best gears for your level and move on
through the game.

Think About It
     - Focusing on a secondary stat like Criticals will let your Primary stats suffer! you might be thinking about equipping a lower leveled weapon with the highest critical rating instead of the best weapon in your current level. You'll lose the base primary stats for some increased criticals!
     - Well yes, this may be true at lower levels but at higher levels where all the stats are sky
rocketing from 1~25 to maybe 50~100, secondary stats might start to give better results!

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