Mafia Wars 2: Beginner's How to Play Guide

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       Want to learn how to play Mafia Wars 2? Read on to learn the basics of the game.
Simple moving and collecting; Missions overview; Customizing home turf and character's equipments; and finally Fight Mode! Last man standing wins!
- Game Navigation -

     - Mafia Wars 2 is a pretty simple click and go action.
     - Click on the ground or object in-game to move your character.
     - To collect bonuses on the ground, simply move your mouse over the items.
     - The game will automatically pick up the items saving you a lot of clicks!
     - Note: All actions and interactions requires a number of Energy to proceed.

To Refill your Energy
     - Wait for it to regenerate over time.

     - Click your crew or friends and visit them to lend help.
     - Spend all 5 free energy per visits by harvesting resources for your friend.

     - Ask your friends for a refill to get more energy.

How to Ask Energy
     - Consume all energy in your energy bar then click any object that requires energy.
     - A request window should pop out showing you some options. 

- Game Missions -

As you go through the game, more tutorial missions will appear along with the
normal story line missions or quests.

New missions will be added to your active quest list located at the left side of
your game screen.

Put your mouse over the quest icons to learn about the overview of
the mission. Click on it to learn more about the mission.

     - An in-depth description of the mission

     - Hints to help you with the mission

     - Rewards that you can get after completion.

     - Auto move option. Click on "Visit (place here)" located below the
mission window to go directly to the  location to activate or complete the mission.

     - Use the Mission Manager to move preferred missions on top of the list.

Accepting Missions and Side Missions
Completing Missions and Side Missions
     - Follow and click the above sample signs to complete your missions.
     - Glittering Objects and the above signs serves as your guides.

- Character Profile and Stats -

     - Access your Character's profile by clicking on your portrait (upper left corner)
     - Change your equipment and dress up your character here.

     - You can unlock more game items and equipment slots after reaching certain levels.
     - Refer here for more info: Mafia Wars 2: Character Stats Guide

- Your Home Turf -

     - A place that you own with your name and fame on it.
     - This is where you’ll build your resources and the power to take over Las Vegas.

What to Do
     - Place buildings and workers to generate income.
     - Increasing the size of your home turf will allow you to build more buildings.
     - Upgrading Buildings. Refer here: Mafia Wars 2: How to Upgrade Buildings
     - Personalize you home turf with some decorations from the marketplace.

Buildings and Workers
     - Buildings on your home turf can produce cash, product, energy, and experience.
     - The length time before you can harvest resources from buildings and workers varies
and depends to the type of building/worker you activated.

     - To collect from buildings, wait for the timer icon to change to a different one.
     - Click to collect!

     - They can also help you generate more resources and functions like buildings too!
     - Idle workers will not generate anything. Click on them and assign a new work.
     - For the example above, you can turn an idle worker into a street performer.

     - Invite more friends to unlock more workers and stuff!

- Fight Mode!-

       Fighting will net you game experience, cash and loots. The total stats from your
weapons, armor, and other gears will determine the outcome of a single fight.

     - Complete series of missions by fighting NPCs or travel to the Arena and challenge
other players to a PVP fight! Choose your target and click on them to initiate a fight!

     - Mafia Wars 2's fighting mode is a simple turn based battle concept.
     - Last man standing Wins!
     - After winning, you can go to your opponent's turf and collect more resources!
     - Tip: Fight lower levels than you and always use your most powerful equipments!
     - Refer here for more info: Mafia Wars 2: How to Rob Rivals

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