Mafia Wars 2: Crafting and How to Upgrade Game Items Guide

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       Unlock the Crafting Workshop and Parts Factory by completing certain story line
missions. Crafting is a very powerful game feature in Mafia Wars 2 if you can manipulate it to
your own advantage. refer here to learn how to craft game items and even upgrade weapons and armors!
- Crafting Guide -

     - Crafting Workshop: Building for crafting game items.
     - Unlocks after completing craft related missions.
     - Basic item requirements for crafting: Crafting Items and Products.
     - Other item requirements for crafting: Power-ups, Gears and Social Items like Steel Bars.

     - Crafting Items: Collect from Parts Factory Buildings, random drops from the Arena or
ask them friends.
     - Products: Collect from Production Buildings or missions.
     - Social Items: Ask them from friends.

     - Time: Crafting requires time. Time length depends per item.
     - Crafting multiple game items can be done as long that you have the required set of items.

- Upgrading Game Items -
     - Upgrade your buildings to increase it's level and crafting features!
     - Some missions will require you to craft certain items. Upgrade your workshop to
complete these crafting related missions.
     - Refer here: Mafia Wars 2: How to Upgrade Buildings
       After upgrading your Workshop, check some options that you might want to exploit to
gain higher stats through crafting. Check the sample pic above and explanations below.

Example Item/Gear/ Power-ups Upgrades 
       The below examples are totally optional. They only serve to get the idea of crafting.

     - Your Compact Revolver Weapon to Handgun B32 (Level 1 Workshop), then
upgrading it again to a Silenced B32 weapon (Level 1 Workshop). Notice that the
weapons are on the list along with the other requirements.

     - +30 Energy Pack from Level 1 Workshop to +60 Energy Pack.

     - Hardened Skin I from your inventory to Hardened Skin II (Level 2 Workshop).
     - Now you will have a +12 Defense from Hardened Skin II!


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