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       Here are some Tips and Tricks for Electronic Arts' The Sims Social - an online browser
game on Facebook that replicates various activities in "real life" in the form of a game. Learn how to customize your Sim and live out their dreams!
- Things to Mind -
Player Level
     - Unlocks "Shop" and "Clothes" items.
     - Players are also called as Sims in game.

Lifetime Points
     - Unlocks trait slots and enhances your Sim traits.
House Value
     - One objective of the game is to raise the value of your property.
     - Unlocks "Shop", "Build" and "Clothes" items.
Simoleons, Sim Cash and Social Points
     - Used for purchasing "Shop" and "Clothes" items.
     - Used for doing social actions and interactions.
     - You can spend up to 5 free energies per friend visit.
     - Ask more energy from your friends. Available when you have no more energies left.
     - Drops occasionally from item interactions.

Get Inspired!
     - Always get inspired before leveling any skills. It's worth it!
Tasks or Quests
     - Serves as your game walkthrough. Complete them all to get more rewards.
     - Keep in mind that The Sims Social is based in real life so think as if you are in it.
     - Example: Mailing or Receiving letters will require your Sim to use the mail box.

     - Players can't customize room walls and the only way to enter a room is by building
doors. Newly built rooms must have a door to access all items inside it.
     - To build rooms, doors, windows, tiles and wallpapers, Go to SHOP > Build.

     - To move, rotate or sell rooms, items and equipments, click on SHOP then click on the
desired room, item or equipments to customize. Same when purchasing.
     - You can place outdoor items indoors if you want, and indoor items outside.

     - Some items must be repaired to be able to use them again. If you don't want to repair
them, visit your friend's house and use theirs.
     - The more you use your own items, the more chance that it will break. When fulfilling
your Sim's needs, it is a good idea to use your friend's items to reduce spending energies
for repairing. Let your friends do the repairing instead.

     - One basic way to gain Simoleons is through harvesting plants.
     - Be aware that untended plants will wither. harvest them before they do.
     - Example: Strawberry: 5 minutes before harvest and will wither after 10 minutes.
     - You can also ask your friends to visit your house and revive your plants.

Interactions or Conversations
     - Repeating the same options will bore your Sim.
     - To remedy this, do other actions first then choose the option again.
     - You can queue up to 5 actions.

     - If you can't reach an item, clear a path first.
     - Some items or equipments must have something to sit on to use them.
     - To cook at a stove, the Sim will need an empty counter top to prepare the food on.

     - Some tasks will require you to do certain actions several times but after performing an
action, the option will gray out. 
Example: Daydream - the action can only be done once per chair. Chairs from your friend's
house can be used as well.

Simple Leveling Method
     - Honestly, this game doesn't force you to do leveling that much but if you want to,
here is a simple widely known leveling method.

     - Just rummage trashcans 5 times in your friend's house. Easy free 50 XP!
     - Make sure you keep your energy low while leveling because upon level up,
you will lose all remaining energy.

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