The Sims Social - Electronic Arts' Online Game

Online Game: The Sims Social
- Publisher: Electronic Arts
- Facebook Game Application
- Virtual World-Simulation / Online Browser Based Social Game

       Refer below to learn more about The Sims Social's Gameplay and Battle Play Features.
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- Gameplay -

       The Sims Social is the new online browser game version of The Sims available on
Facebook! Electronic Arts' The Sims Social welcomes new players with their real life-like gameplay. Advanced players can also carry their enjoyment playing The Sims to this whole new world with their real friends for free!

     - Create unique Sims and live out their dreams.
     - Develop deep relationships or pull pranks.
     - Befriend and fight, date and cheat, love and betray.
     - Play with life in a whole new way with your friends.

       Your Sim can have 1 of 7 different types of personalities. Each Personality has its own
special action, which will work depending on the personality of the other Sim.
The starting equipment in your house is also dependent on your personality choice.

       Customize your character, outfits and dream house by purchasing and building indoor or
outdoor items into your neighborhood.
       Complete tasks and raise up your skills to hone your character's desired personality and

- Battle Play -
Sim's Needs

        Basically, your aim is to become inspired so you can get more bonuses. To achieve this,
you will need to raise and maintain your Sim’s needs to green status (Social, Fun, Hunger, Hygiene, Bladder and Sleep). They must be kept up or else, your Sim will not obey you.

House Value

     - One objective of the game is to raise the value of your property.
     - Every time you go up in level, your'e moved to a nicer neighborhood.


      - Certain chat actions are more effective against different personalities too.
      - A new relationship status with a Sim will unlock more interactions!

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