MapleStory Adventures: How to Post Requests as Links

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       This is a simple MapleStory Adventures F.A.Q. guide on how to get shared or published
links from your game via Facebook Wall. Refer here to instantly finish your quest requests by asking  help beyond your friends!
- The Steps -
     - First, enter the game and access your quest icons.
     - Click on "Ask Friend" as shown below.
     - Note: You can only recopy request links that are published through Facebook Wall.

     - Now go to your Facebook Profile and look for your post similar to the pic below.
     - Right click on the "Send Item" link then choose "Copy link address" or "Copy link location"
or "Copy Shortcut" on the pop-up menu box.

Now paste it anywhere you want! 
     - To paste, right click on any blank text space and select "Paste".
     - You can also use the shortcut key CTRL+V to paste.
     - Your link should start with http:// or https://

Example Pasting Areas
     - Forum! create a new discussion thread and ask for help.
     - Insert your link when commenting on friend's MapleStory Adventures related posts.
     - Send them as messages.
     - Insert them when sharing achievement bonuses in-game.
     - here at (not in a spammy way).
     - and more...

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