Angry Birds Chrome Tips, Tricks and Info

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       Here are some tips and tricks that you might want to use to easily gain the advantage
over your enemies. Learn how to accurately adjust your aims and how to use your angry birds' unique abilities. Good luck playing your fave action and arcade game on Facebook or Google+!
- Tips and Info -

       Angry Birds Chrome is a simple aim and shoot action and arcade game.
     - Click and hold your mouse over your angry bird and while holding your mouse button,
drag your mouse to any direction you want. Release your mouse button to fire.

- Aiming Tricks -

       It is recommended to zoom out your view first before launching an attack. This way you
can have a better view of the whole battle ground and it makes it easier to remember aim positions
because all you need to do is to completely zoom out your your view every time you enter
battle stages.

     - Always remember your last aim position to easily adjust your aim if you missed.
       One good way to easily remember and adjust your aim position is by using
common shapes or objects around your aiming position. Refer above for sample aim
positions (mouse pointers over round shapes).
     - Note that straight shots are not always effective on certain stages. Try to use overhead
shots by dragging your mouse near or under your aiming position.

- Obstacles and Objects -

Glass Walls and Blocks
     - Very breakable; almost unmovable (because they break instantly).
     - All angry birds can break them easily.

Wood Walls and Blocks
     - Breakable; movable.
     - Red and Blue angry birds might need to weaken them first to break.
     - Yellow, Black and White angry birds can break them easily.

Rock Walls and Blocks
     - Almost unbreakable; movable.
     - Red, Blue and Yellow angry birds will have a hard time breaking them.
     - Black and White angry birds can break them easily.

Rock Pillars
     - unbreakable; almost unmovable (most of the time they will just lay down).
     - All angry birds can't break them.

     - Objects around stages that can help you destroy walls and blocks.
     - Aim and hit them for extra blasts!

- Unlocking More Levels -

Story Line Levels
     - Simply pass through stages to unlock more challenging levels.

Teamwork Levels
     - Invite friends to play Angry Birds Chrome to unlock the levels.

Chrome Dimension Levels
     - Collect Chrome Logos in the Story Line Levels by hitting them.
     - Only certain Story Line levels have Chrome logos.

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