Gardens of Time: Best Artifacts and Buildings for Reputation

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       Here is a list of all recommended Artifacts and Buildings that you can build to get the most Reputation depending on your current level. Build the following recommendations while upgrading your wonders to conserve your resources.
- Best Artifacts & Buildings Per Lvl -

       All Artifacts and Buildings below are based on Reputation/Square.
     TIP: If you don't have enough active neighbors for your wonders, then this is the method
that you will most likely do all the way.

Lvl 1 to 2
     - Tutorial (Standing Anubis)
Lvl 3
     - Bandstand
Lvl 4 to 6
     - Bandstand, Obelisk or Sundial
Lvl 7
     - Tube Entrance
Lvl 8
     - Post Box or Gramophone
Lvl 9 to 10
     - Pergola
Lvl 11
     - Great Wall Segment
Lvl 12
     - Great Wall Tower
Lvl 13
     - Drum Tower
Lvl 14 to 15
     - Pavilion
Lvl 16 to 21
     - Classic Victorian
Lvl 22
     - Fine Victorian
Lvl 23
     - Tuileries Left or Right Wing
Lvl 24 to 27
     - Victorian Manor
Lvl 28 to 29
     - Sheriff's Office
Lvl 30 to 32
     - Saloon
Lvl 33
     - Castle Wall or Castle Tower
Lvl 34 to 35
     - Kremlin Tower
Lvl 36
     - Tortuga Citadel or Pirate Tavern
Lvl 37 to 38
     - Brownstone
Lvl 39 to 45
     - Tea House
Lvl 46
     - Cagsawa Ruins
Lvl 47
     - Ivy Wall
Lvl 48 to 51
     - Ivy Tower
Lvl 52
     - Tower Stratoscube
Lvl 53 to 54
     - Maasai Hut
Lvl 55 to 61
     - Safari Ostrich NEW!
Lvl 62
     - Kids Hitting Pinata NEW!

     - Will update when new artifacts/buildings will be released.

       Gold (Cash) Artifacts and Buildings are not included above but they produce much higher
Reputation than the normal ones in the build mode.

       Decorations comes last when you have lots of Silvers and space (optional).

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