Pockie Ninja, PN II and Original: Pet Skills List

       Here is a list of pets and their Aura, Aid/Support and Passive skills available from your favorite online browser game: Pockie Ninja. Drag your Pet and some of your Pet Foods at the Pet Kennel Window to feed your pet. When the satiety bar is full, you can now discover a new skill for your pet!

Important Note:
     - The guide below can also be applied to Pockie Ninja II and Pockie Ninja II Original). All Main Functions can still be found and are still working. Happy Playing!

- Pockie Ninja Pets -

     - You can discover random skills from the Pet Kennel after feeding them.
     - It's not always necessary to feed them with their favorite food.
     - Purchase Normal or Special skill books from the Item Mall to learn more skills.

     - Pet specific Auras must be learned to activate other auras.
     - In case you have multiple auras with similar names, the higher one will be used.

Aura Levels (Higher Aura Level will gain longer or higher duration of skills).
     - Upgrade Pet: +0 to +8: can discover Basic Aura
     - Upgrade Pet: +9 to +17: can discover Advanced Aura (1st Pet Evolution)
     - Upgrade Pet: +18 and above: can discover Expert Aura (2nd Pet Evolution)

Skill Slots
     - Each pet has a starter set of skill slots. Click Pet > Check Pet
     - It is recommended to discover all possible slots first before upgrading your pet to +1.
Upgrading your pets will also increase their satiety requirement per skill discovery!
     - Discovering skills with full skill slots will replace a random skill.

     - Use Pet Skill Locks to lock skills you don't want to be replaced. Locks can be purchased
from the Item Mall, Daily Log-in Bonus or randomly given as a reward from the Pet Tracing.
     - Open up more slots by upgrading your Pet to +3, +6, +9 and above.

Note: Not all skills are listed below, just the commonly used ones and recommended skills.
Note that all stat skills below are based on Elementary skill level. Advanced and Expert skill levels will have better stat or percentage.

Artificial Pets
     Bun Monster, Riceball and Sushi Monster (30 Synch value)

Artificial Aura Skills
     - Rebirth Aura: Must have aura to activate other auras.
     - Sacrifice: When remaining HP is less than 20%, turn aura into 15% amount of HP.
     - Exorcism: Reduce the time of debuffs, basic aura 9%.

Artificial Pet Specific Aid/Support Skills
     - Bun Monster = None

     - Riceball = HP Restore: If player received damage, 11% chance to restore HP.
10% of player's Max HP at most.

     - Sushi Monster = Chakra Restore: When owner is under attack, there's 11% chance
to restore Chakra, which equals to 10% of owners max Chakra.

Artificial Passive Skills
     - Aiming Device: Increase owner's Hit by 80 points.
     - Outfit Clone: Increase owner's Strength, Agility, Stamina by 26 points.

Beast Pets
Bloodbat, Stinger Bee and Vulture (30 Synch value); Tonton (40 Synch Value)

Beast Aura Skills
     - Slaughter Aura: Must have aura to activate other auras.
     - Excited: Attack will increase when having Positive Status/Buff, basic aura 6%.
     - Blood Curse: Close attack can absorb HP according to damage, basic aura 3%.
     - Melee: Enhance Body Technique while decrease resistance to illusion by the same
percentage, basic aura 3%.

Beast Pet Specific Aid/Support Skills
     - Bloodbat = Life Leech: After owners attack, 19% chance to attack and absorb half of
that damage as HP.

     - Stinger Bee = Bite: After owners attack, 21% chance to attack and poison
the opponent.

     - Vulture = Peck: After owners attack, 21% chance to inflict bleed on the opponent.

     - Tonton NEW! = Expert Bullet Impact: After owner's attack, 33% chance to launch a
forceful attack dealing 110% damage. There's a 25% chance to restore 3% max HP.

Beast Passive Skills
     - Natural Enemy: Increase owner's Critical Strike by 48 points.
     - False Tooth: Increase owner's Min.Attack by 18 points.

Plant Pets
     Corn, Maneater Blossom, Sunflower, Sweet Potato and Treant (30 Synch value)

Plant Aura Skills
     - Bramble Aura: Must have aura to activate other auras.
     - Photosynthesis: 20% chance to restore HP up to 3 times, basic aura 3%.
     - Spine Protection: Reflect damage from close range, basic aura 3%.
     - Chill Ripple: Enhance water release skill while reduce the resistance to fire release skill by
the same percentage. basic aura 3%.

Plant Pet Specific Aid/Support Skills
     - Corn = Combo: When owner is attacking, pet has 17% chance to attack the
enemy twice.

     - Maneater Blossom = Pollen: Reduce enemy Attack by 12%.

     - Sunflower = Solar Strike: Activated on combat, reduces opponents Hit by 8 points.

     - Sweet Potato = Great Pressure: After owners attack, 16% chance to attack and Stun
enemy for 1 turn. Limited to up to 3 success stuns per battle.

     - Treant = Rooted: After owners attack, pet has a 16% chance to root the opponent for
1 turn.

Plant Passive Skills
     - Barks Armor: Increase owner's defence by 80 points.
     - Fence Sitter: Increase owner's Constitution by 72 points.

Channeling Pets
     Akamaru, Lily, Souling (aka Kon) and Toadling (40 Synch value)

Channeling Aura Skills
     - Intelligence Aura - Must have aura to activate other auras.
     - Mysterious Technique: Have a chance to cast without consuming chakra or dodge
HP damage, basic aura 9%.
     - Momentary Recovery Before Death: Triggered when HP is less than 30%. Enhance attack
and speed till the battle ends. Basic Aura 18%, Advanced Aura 24%, Expert Aura 30%.
     - Perception: Increase proc-rates of pet's support skills, Basic Aura 12%, Advanced Aura
16%, and Expert Aura 20%.

Channeling Pet Specific Aid/Support Skills
     - Akamaru, Lily, Souling and Toadling doesn't have any pet specific aid/support skills.
     - Kurōdo NEW! = Shapeshifting:  Before the enemy moves, there's a 25% chance to use
Shapeshifting disability!, enemy can't use any chakra consuming skills for 12 seconds! Can only be used 3 times per battle.
     - Manda NEW! = Expert Deadly Torment: When it's owner gets hurt, there's a 24% chance to
attack with Deadly Torment, When the attack become effective, enemy will lose 4% of their max HP at most. Lasts for 15 seconds. Can have 5 levels at most.
     - Noba  NEW! = Expert Leap Gravity: Before the enemy moves, there's a 33% chance to launch an
attack and deal 75% damage and reduce enemy's attack power by 18% for 5 seconds.There's also a 25% chance to dispel enemy's invulnerable status.

     - More to come!

Channeling Passive Skills
     - Mystic Energy: Increase owner's max Chakra by 86 points.
     - X-ray Vision: Increase owner's Pierce by 100 points.
     - Nihility: Increase owner's Dodge by 67 points.

Dragon Pets
Dark Wing + 27 (Evolved)
Frostbore Dragon and Azure Dragon (40 Synch value)

Dragon Aura Skills
     - Holy Aura - Must have aura to activate other auras.
     - Dragon Blood: Reduce damage, basic aura 3%
     - Inviolable: Increase the rate of counter attack, basic aura 6%
     - Divine Mark: Enhance sealing skills while Chakra consumption and HP damage will
increase by 5 times. Basic Aura 3%, Advanced Aura 4%, Expert Aura 5%.

Dragon Pet Specific Aid/Support Skills (Frostbore Dragon/Dark Wing Dragon)
     - Icy Breath: Great chance to cast Icy Breath and freeze the opponent for 3 seconds.
     - Note: Icy Breath will become effective after learning the support skill Attack.

Dragon Pet Specific Aid/Support Skills (Azure Dragon Only) NEW!
     - After owner's attack, has 17% chance to double attack the enemy.
     - Also works with counterattacks! and sometimes even Windstorm Array!

Dragon Passive Skills
     - Dragonmight: Increase owner's HP by 86 points.
     - Dragonscale: Increase owner's Defence by 100 points.
     - Armor Corrosion: Increase owner's Armor Break by 89 points.
     - Dragon Wing: Increase owner's Block by 67 points.

     - Divine Speed (Dark Wing Special): Raise owner's speed by 10%.

- General Aura Skills -

Available to All Pets
     - Bless: Increase the duration of blessing.
     - Antibody: Reduce the duration of disease damage.
     - Remove Seal: Reduce the duration of sealing damage.
     - Sober: Reduce the duration of spirit damage.

- General Aid / Support Skills -

Available to All Pets
     - Attack: When owner attacks, the pet has 21% chance to deal 75% damage of owner's attack.
     - Absolute Loyalty: Increase the proc-rate of pet's support skill.
     - Fortune: Increase the proc-rate of special effect during pet's assist attack.
     - Misfortune: Decrease the proc-rate of special effect during opponent pet's assist attack.
     - Repress: Decrease the proc-rate of enemy pet's support skill.
     - Block: When owner is under attack, the pet has 10% chance to block damage.
     - Counterattack: Extra 10% chance for the owner to start counterattack when the pet blocks.

- General Passive Skills -

Passive Skill Tiers (Can be discovered randomly) NEW!
     - [  ] - Default Bonus Stats
     - [E] - Higher then Default's Bonus Stats
     - [] - Higher than [E]'s Bonus Stats

TIP: You can discover same name skills as long that they are in different tiers!

Available to All Pets
     - Ferocious: Increase master's and pet's Attack by a percentage.
     - Strong: Increase master's Max Attack by a fixed amount.
     - Dash: Increase master's and pet's Armor Break by a fixed amount.
     - Disarm: Increase owner's Armor Break by a fixed amount.

     - Sharpness: Increase master's Speed by a percentage.
     - Thick Skin: Increase master's Defense by a fixed amount.
     - Nimble: Increase master's Dodge by a fixed amount.

     - Vivacious: Increase master's HP by a percentage.
     - Sandbag: Increase master's HP by a fixed amount.
     - Sagacity: Increase master's Chakra by a fixed amount.

     - Withstand: Increase master's Block by a fixed amount.
     - Vision: Increase master's Hit by a fixed amount.
     - Rampage: Increase master's and pet's Critical Strike by a fixed amount.
     - Sharp Claws: Increase master's Pierce by a fixed amount.
     - Calm: Increase master's Constitution by a fixed amount.

     - Greedy: Increase master's treasure drop rate.
     - Other Passives gives Elemental Release Enhance!

- Tailed Beast Pets! -
     - Looking for Tailed Beast Pet Skills? Refer to the link below!
     - Pockie Ninja: Tailed Beasts Skills List

Important Note:
     - All upcoming or future pets are only available through top up events!

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