Monster Galaxy Citadel of Prophecy Mogas & Quests

       Enter the Citadel Entrance at the Pueblonia Map to access the Citadel of Prophecy. Be warned because the levels of Mogas here are over Lvl 20. Here is a list of available Monster Galaxy Mogas and quests that can be found at the Citadel of Prophecy.

- Citadel of Prophecy Mogas -

Moga Rarity and Max Capture Rate
     - (T) Training - 100%
     - (B) Beginner - 99%
     - (C) Common - 59%
     - (U) Uncommon - 39%
     - (R) Rare - 29%
     - (SR) Super Rare - 19%
     - (E) Epic - 9%
     - (L) Beyond Epic (Legendary) - 4%

Tip: All levels of Mogas listed below are fixed. So you really need to level up your main Mogas
to at least Lvl 20 to capture Momo.
Zodiac Rodeo
     - Lvl 20 Momo - (L)

Orions Chalice
     - Lvl 24 Ravenous - (E)

Eye of Hades
     - Lvl 28 Dirge - (SR)

The Murderhorn
     - Lvl 32 Vangelis - (R)

Boruff's Unpleasantry NEW!
     - Lvl 35 Kurogane - (E)

The Atahualpa Strangler NEW!
     - Lvl 37 Firefox - (R)

Corpsemaker Supreme NEW!
     - Lvl 39 Ant- (U)

Daemon's Dojo NEW!
     - Lvl 41 Glowbug - (R)

The Terrordome NEW!
     - Lvl 43 Argos - (SR)

The Citadel Ends here. Let's wait for more updates and the most awaited Hanzo!

- Citadel of Prophecy Quests -

     Quest Title - Place to activate quest
          - Quest information and guide.

Beat Zodiac Rodeo - Zodiac Rodeo
     - Enter Zodiac Rodeo to take the challenge.

Capture Momo - Zodiac Rodeo
     - Capture Momo at Zodiac Rodeo

Beat Orions Chalice - Orion's Chalice
     - Enter Orion's Chalice to take the challenge.

Capture Ravenous - Orion's Chalice
     - Capture Ravenous at the Orion's Chalice

Beat Eye of Hades - Eye of Hades
     - Enter Eye of Hades to take the challenge.

Capture Dirge - Eye of Hades
     - Capture Dirge at the Eye of Hades

Beat The Murderhorn - The Murderhorn
     - Enter The Murderhorn to take the challenge.

Capture Vangelis - The Murderhorn
     - Capture Vangelis at the The Murderhorn

Beat Boruff's Unpleasantry - Boruff's Unpleasantry NEW!
     - Enter Boruff's Unpleasantry to take the challenge.

Capture Kurogane - Boruff's Unpleasantry NEW!
     - Capture Kurogane at the Boruff's Unpleasantry

Beat The Atahualpa Strangler - The Atahualpa Strangler NEW!
     - Enter The Atahualpa Strangler to take the challenge.

Capture Firefox - The Atahualpa Strangler NEW!
     - Capture Firefox at the The Atahualpa Strangler

Beat Corpsemaker Supreme - Corpsemaker Supreme NEW!
     - Enter Corpsemaker Supreme to take the challenge.

Capture Ant - Corpsemaker Supreme NEW!
     - Capture Ant at the Corpsemaker Supreme

Beat Daemon's Dojo - Daemon's Dojo NEW!
     - Enter Daemon's Dojo to take the challenge.

Capture Glowbug - Daemon's Dojo NEW!
     - Capture Glowbug at Daemon's Dojo

Beat The Terrordome - The Terrordome NEW!
     - Enter The Terrordome to take the challenge.

Capture Argos - The Terrordome NEW!
     - Capture Argos at the The Terrordome

The Citadel Ends here. Let's wait for more updates and the most awaited Hanzo!

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