Empires & Allies - Zynga's Online Game

Online Game: Empires & Allies
- Publisher: Zynga
- Facebook/Google+ Game Application
- Strategy / Online Browser Based Social Game

       Refer below to learn more about Empires & Allies' Gameplay and Battle Play Features.
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- Gameplay -

       Empires & Allies is a virtual world simulation online browser game available on Facebook.

       Play as a commander and protect your island that was once so peaceful. Gather all
the resources left from the invasion and quickly rebuild your fallen empire. It's time to strike back and to restore your empire to it's former glory!

       Build up your land-based military units - Soldiers, Artillery and Tanks; sea-based
military units - Gunboats, Battleships and Carriers; air-based military units - Fighters, Airships and Bombers. Master and deploy them according to your battle strategies to gain the advantage.

       Secure the empire from hostile attacks and invasions and team up with your neighbors
to strike back and defeat the Dark Alliance.

- Battle Play -
       You get the chance to ward off enemies by fighting them back and you can also be the bad guy and invade your neighbors to gain resources.

Players will choose which theater or forces to use to fight their enemies.
     - Land - will only use land-based military units
     - Water - will only use sea-based military units
     - Air - will only use air-based military units

Select units that have an advantage over your enemies.
Mouse over your units and look at the "Bonus Against" stat window above them to guide you.
Click and fire! Collect your battle loots to gain more resources!

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