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       Here is a list of Tips and Tricks for your favorite Facebook browser online game: Empires & Allies. Go through the different buildings and informations to plan on how to revive your Empire to it's former glory!
Bonus Bar
     - The bonus bar fills up every time you pick up resources like Coins, Woods, Exp and more.
     - You must click them to fill up your Bonus bar. Unclicked resources will not be counted.
     - When the bonus bar starts to blink (red), you need to pick up something so you
won't lose your bonus streak.
     - This is a great source of coins early on by clearing out destroyed buildings and trees.

     - Click on the icons  at the left of your game screen to accept new tasks.
     - Icons with NPC faces means you haven't accepted the task yet.
     - Follow tasks to guide you through the game (recommended).

     - Ask your friends by giving gifts to them.
     - Recommended gifts: Liberty Bonds or Energies.

Feed Rewards
     - Rewards that you can claim from your wall or from your friend's Facebook wall.
     - You can only collect feed rewards from your allies.

- Empires & Allies Buildings -

     - Under Housing Tab; Resources: Coins
     - Build more houses to raise your empire's population.
     - Build more to unlock higher Military and Industry Buildings.
     - Spending energies for claiming coins from Houses is
not recommended. Let your neighbors do the claiming instead.

     - Under Industry Tab; Resources: Coins
     - Plant crops then harvest them. A great source of Coins!
     - Build at least 2 Farms for every 3 Levels.

Military Buildings

     - Use to construct Basic, Advanced and Most Effective Ground, Naval and Air units.
     - Build at least 1 or 2 of the same type name. Don't construct more than that unless
a task requires it.
     - Limit yourself to up to 5 units of the same type name to conserve resources.
     - If you want to gain more units for defending, create more Cadet Soldiers.
Why Cadet Soldiers?
     - To welcome invasions!
     - Invasions are good because you can gain all kinds of resources and EXP.
     - Other than the campaign, repelling invasions is a good source of EXP.
     - In case someone invades with a merciless force, hire your friends to expel the invader.
Then why not let your Empire go defenseless?
     - A defenseless empire will generate random units including high units to defend.

Industry Buildings

     - Build to gain resources: Wood, Oil and Ores.
     - Ores are randomly generated. Every player can only harvest one kind of ore.
     - Lumber is greatly needed so build more Lumber Mills than the others.

     - Under Industry Building
     - Sell your surplus resources in your Market but never sell
Wood or Oil unless you don't really need them anymore.
     - To check what your neighbors are selling, click on
"My Neighbors" tab next to "Play" tab.

Government Buildings
     - Under Government Tab; Resources: Coins
     - To raise your empire's maximum population, build a
Government Building.
     - Government Buildings can be unlocked after reaching a
certain level and they need to be staffed with employees. Hire your friends to work for you.

World Embassy
     - Build to start neutrality or immunity.
     - Activate to prevent invasions from hostile players.
     - Activating the World Embassy after an enemy
successfully invaded your empire will not remove that invasion.
     - When activated you will also lose your occupations. Means,
all your invasions will be redrawn from your neighbors.

     - Purchase decorations to complete tasks.

- Empires & Allies Neighbor Interaction -

     - Select units that have an advantage over your enemies.
     - Mouse over your units and look at the "Bonus Against" stat window above them.
     - Remember to use the symbols as a guide when choosing units. If done correctly, you will get a  huge boost on your damage output and a chance to land critical hits.

Critical Hits!
     - Dealing criticals will gain you more resources, EXP and energies!
     - If you can dish out criticals more often, you can actually gain energy instead of losing.

Visiting Allied Empires
     - 5 free Energies to help your allies, gain Honor, Energy and resources for your empire.
     - Recommended resources to get from your neighbors:
     - Ores, Woods, Oils and Coins from the Government Building if you are a staff.
     - You can also repel invaders from your neighbors.

TIP: You can only repel invaders with orange portrait icons. Gray ones are already repelled.

Invading Neighbor's Empires
     - Enter a battle to occupy and gain Infamy points and resources.
     - You can't invade players below level 6 or players with active immunity.
     - You can pillage resources without using energy.
     - Infamy points to get Power-Ups.
     - Can't gain bonus Energy from that neighbor.
     - Can't use Market from that neighbor.
     - Can't repel invaders from that neighbor.
     - They might remove you as their neighbor so it's better to invade inactive players.

Honor and Infamy
     - Earned by doing tasks for your neighbors including repelling invasions.
     - Honor Power-Ups are mostly focused on defense and healing.
     - Earned by invading your neighbors.
     - Infamy Power-Ups are mostly focused on doing damage to the enemy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to store units into my storage?
     - To place your units in your inventory, click the unit from your barracks, shipyard or hangar and click the cancel button (x).
     - Units that are already deployed in the field can't be stored.
     - Units stored can still be used for campaign, invading and repelling.

How to expand my Empire?
     - Under Expansion Tab
     - Requires Coins and 10 Liberty Bonds for a single expansion.
     - Claim Liberty Bonds from your friends or by completing campaign battles.

How to Expel Invaders?
     - Click on the Invader then click on "Ask for Help".
     - After recruiting allies, click on "Ask for Help" again to Expel the invader.

How to remove a Neighbor?
     - Click on "My Neighbors" tab next to "Play" tab.

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