Empires & Allies Ultimate Leveling Guide

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       This section will guide you through Empires & Allies' leveling system. Learn all the building's capabilities and battle strategies to quickly regain your empire. Overrun your rivals and let them eat dust by out-leveling them with your fast evolving forces and efficient use of resources.
- Empires & Allies Briefing -

     - Your main objective is to level up fast to unlock higher tier buildings.
     - To use most of your Energies into battles for more EXP.
     - To complete all tasks available (recommended for first time players).

     - Be Active! This can really affect your gameplay but feel free to play as you please.
     - Invite all your friends as neighbors. The more the better.
     - Please read the Empires & Allies Tips and Tricks Section.

- Tips to Remember -

     - Never spend your energies for claiming coins from houses. Let your friends do it for you.
     - Move trees or use them as decorations instead of cutting them down.
     - Visit your neighbors to get a free Energy.
     - Give free energies as gifts to your friends to get free energies.

     - Tasks will guide you through the game and familiarize you to the game's features.
     - Complete them to match the pace of your gameplay, tasks and this guide.

Industry Buildings
     - Farms are your main source of Coins. Build at least 2 Farms per 3 Levels.
     - Watermelons are one of the best crops to harvest (your choice).

     - Lumber Mills for Woods: Build at least 2 Lumber Mills per 3 Levels.
     - Oil Wells for Oils: Build at least 1 Oil Well per 2 Levels.
     - Ore Mines for Ores: Build at least 1 Ore Mine per 3 Levels.

     - Build a Market to sell surplus ores and only sell ores that you can harvest.
     - Never sell Woods or Oils at your Market.
     - If you find someone who is selling Woods or Oils from their Market, buy them all!

Military Buildings
     - Build at least 1 or 2 of the same type name. Don't construct more than that unless
a task requires it.
     - Limit yourself to up to 5 military units of the same type name to conserve resources.
     - Create higher tier military units as soon that they are available.
     - Limit yourself to up to 2 or 3 military units that requires more than 200 Oil.

     - Store your military units instead of deploying them in the field.
     - Deploy from your inventory if a task demands it.
     - Deploy Cadet Soldiers to defend your empire to help the invaders. (LOL but it's better).
     - Defenseless Empire will generate random units including higher tier ones.

World Embassy - Immunity
     - ON: If you are getting heavy invasions from high leveled players.
     - OFF: If you can repel all invasions.

- Best Leveling Methods -

Campaign Battles
     - If you are confident enough, take the challenges in the Battle Map.
     - If you start to lose 1 or more units in a single battle, stop and strengthen your units.
     - Rewards: EXP and Coins + Liberty Bonds and some Bonus Units.

Campaign Battles (Replay) NEW!
     - Not recommended because you can no longer gain EXP or resources from replay.

Repelling Invasions
     - Welcome Invasions to your Empire to get EXP and Resources.
     - Help your friends repel Invasions from their Empire.
     - This is best if all Invaders are weaker than your military units.
     - Rewards: EXP, Coins + 1000 Coins, 25 Woods, 25 Oils, 1 Ore of each kind and 5 Honor.
     - Plus Power-Ups from leveling Honor.

Invading Empires (Optional)
     - Invading can also be a good way to get resources but...    
     - Invading will piss off other players specially when you are using a
FULL FORCE HIGH LEVELED UNITS! to a low leveled newbie player...aaaaw...
     - Yes, they can still Expel Invaders by asking friends but some players will just
remove them as their neighbor which is not cool for the Invader.

Recommended Method for Invading
     - If you need it to finish a task then...
     - Invade with 2 or 3 low leveled units to make sure the invaded player can repel it.
     - If the Invaded player is not repelling (inactive), then you can earn your resources.

Other Signs of an Inactive Player
     - Players that stays on their level for a week.
     - Players with withered farm crops.
     - Players with lots of Gray Portraits in their empire. (Gray Portrait = Repelled Invaders).

     - Rewards: EXP and Coins + Infamy Points and Resources for every 4 hours.
     - Plus Power-Ups from leveling Infamy.

Critical Hits! and Critical Kills!
     - Criticals are your best friends because they can give you Energies!
     - To land a Critical Hit, You must choose military units that have an advantage over
your enemy units.
     - For Cash users, Use Accuracy Power-Ups to boost your Critical chances.
     - Rewards: Ores, Energy, Coins and EXP from Critical Hits.

     - You can get more awesome rewards if you can dish a Critical Kill!
     - This is the most effective way to gain EXP! More Critical Kills more EXP!

       Now that you know the best way to gain EXP, you can also combine them all and look what suits your gameplay. Good luck playing your favorite browser online game on Facebook.

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