Empires & Allies Ultimate Fast Leveling Guide

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       This guide is the continuation of the first Empires & Allies Ultimate Leveling Guide. Intended for high leveled players as requested by many. By now, you should know how to gain resources, how to complete campaign missions and more.
     - After reaching level 35, boost up your level to unlock more powerful units.
     - To increase your Critical Kills percentage.
     - To use you allies as Power-Ups!
     - To use most of your energy into leveling.

     - Please read the following guides below. I will no longer explain some infos here.
     - Empires & Allies Tips and Tricks
     - Lots of Allied Neighbors! The more the better.
     - The Army Research Lab

- Preparing Your Mechanized Soldiers -

     - Create Mechanized soldiers as soon as possible when you reach level 35.
     - You must have a Tier 3 Barracks to be able to create one.
     - You will also need the Army Research Lab from the Military Buildings.
     - Collect the required items by gifting or asking your friends to unlock the upgrade
screen for your mechanized soldiers.
     - Aim for the Increase Accuracy Upgrade to increase your Critical percentage.
     - Learn the Increase Damage Upgrade first to unlock the next upgrade.
     - For Cash Users, you can unlock the last upgrade to increase your Strength.

- Mechanized Soldiers in Action-

     - Now it's time to use your Mechanized Soldiers into action but where?
     NEW! Due to the new update from Zynga, Pacificor 1 - Stage 8 (Raise the Flag) is
no longer a good place for leveling because we can no longer gain EXP, Energy and resources from replay battles.

New Strategy for Fast Leveling NEW!
     - Look for a neighbor with 4 or 5 tier 1 units of the same type on defend mode.
     - ex: [5 Cannon Artillery units] or [4 Cadet Soldiers]
     - Invade that empire. Battle 5 Artilleries for your Mechanized Soldiers.
     - Kill 4 or 3 units then retreat.
     - The retreat button is just below your Green Power-up button.
     - Repeat the steps.

     - Also works when repelling invasions.
     - You can also use other units as long that you have the upgrade Increase Accuracy.
     - I just used Mechanized Soldiers because of it's damage output. 2 Hit Kills.

Sample Screenshots

       If you can do this smoothly, you can gain more EXP than usual. With more Criticals, you can gain more levels because your energy will replenish every time you do Critical Kills.

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