How to Catch Scud and Bladewing

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       Scud and Bladewing are Limited Mogas in Monster Galaxy that you can only catch during or after the Independence Day Event (July). Around this time, you will automatically encounter Nova when you enter the game and she will give you details about the two Mogas.
       Two kinds of Mogas that are naturally enemies have teamed up and wrecking everything
around them. It's getting out of control--soon there will be more than the environment can support. Things are going to get ugly if we don't catch some of them soon. Time to restore the balance.

Capture Scud
       Tame Scud. You'll know him when you see him--he's an angry little missile about to blow. He can be found anywhere.

     - Location: Can be found randomly anywhere.
     - Star Seed Maximum Capture Rate: 39% (Scud is an Uncommon Moga).

Capture Bladewing
       Hunt down and capture Bladewing to restore balance to their habitat. It's roaming
all over, but might take a while to find.

     - Location: Can be found randomly anywhere.
     - Bladewing is somewhat hard to find. Just keep on entering places to find Bladewing.
     - Star Seed Maximum Capture Rate: 9% (Bladewing is an Epic Moga).

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