Dreamland Online - IGG Inc.'s Online Game

Online Game: Dreamland Online
- Publisher: IGG Inc.
- Facebook Game Application
- Action RPG / Platform-Side Scrolling / Online Browser Based Social Game

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- Gameplay -

       Dreamland Online is a 3D side-scrolling, anime-style MMORPG online browser game
available on Facebook.

       Create and customize your character and enter the fantasy world of Lusoria! Explore the dreamland with your favorite character class: Warrior, Archer, Magician and Rouge and complete countless quests along the way. 

       Tame the wilds, capture monsters and train them to be your powerful allies. Learn
the ways of summoning pet mounts to help you speed up your journey.

       Discover new ways of enhancing your character's equipments via workshop.
Gather required items and decompose, create, combine, enhance and fuse them to obtain more powerful item equipments for your characters. 

- Battle Play -

       Dreamland Online has a simple side scroll battle play. Party up with your friends and
use your class specific spells to hunt down your enemies as you explore the place. Hone your spells to higher levels and test your battle skills at the PVP.

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