Monster Galaxy Card Collections Guide

       Card Collecting is an added feature in Monster Galaxy where you get the chance to trade your hard earned cards to claim more unique Mogas and Prize Items. You can check your progress by clicking the "Collections" icon next to your "Quest List" icon.

- Moga Card Collections -

Where/How to Get Moga Cards:
     - Cards can be found randomly after finishing a single battle.
     - The location of cards is unclear since you can get them randomly anywhere.
     - It is possible to complete a card collection by farming cards in a single location.

- Simple Moga Card Farming Tutorial -

       Note that the steps below only applies for getting Moga cards. Alternatively, you can
also get more cards by claiming daily bonuses everyday.

Step 1.
Select 3 low leveled Mogas (Recommended Lvl 1~5) and form a team.
If you don't have low leveled Mogas, just select your lowest 3 Mogas.

Why low leveled Mogas?
     - Gives you more battles because they level up easily.
     - More battles means more chances of getting card drops.
     - They don't need whistles and coffees to stay in battle (optional).

Step 2.
Select a Location to start farming cards.
     - Choose Sunshire Map.
     - Choose West/East Summer Road or any place.
     - If you really want to farm at Pueblonia Map, use higher leveled Mogas instead.

Step 3.
Farm to your heart's content.
     - Enter battles and defeat your opponent to get a random card.
     - Some battles will not drop cards, just go on and enter more battles.
     - It looks like every cards have their own rarity (I think).
     - Every time you get a card, the game will show you the progress with that card.
     - Farming really takes time but the rewards are great.

Step 4.
Turn in completed collections for rewards!
     - When you have completed a collection, click the "Collections" icon to manage
your collections.
     - Click on TRADE to get your Moga or Item Rewards.

Step 5.
When all of your Moga's skills runs out,
     - Go HOME and let them take a nap.
     - Repeat Step 1 and choose another team while your previous Mogas are sleeping.

- Location Card Collection -

     - Complete the Card Collection by defeating Mogas in certain places multiple times.
     - You have to fill up the gauge bar to increase your rank.
     - Get the Cadet or Master Ranks per location required to get the rewards.

     - Novice Rank - 3 battles to complete - Item Rewards
     - Cadet Rank - 7 battles to complete - Cadet Collectible Card
     - Master Rank - 40 battles to complete - Master Collectible Card

- Card Collection Rewards! -

Card Collection Mogas
     - Mogas that can't be found elsewhere.
     - Tip: The Location where you made the exchange will be listed in your "Activity Feeds"
as where you caught the Moga. This is to clear some issues because some players misunderstood the "Friends Activity Feeds" and  thought they can catch that Moga in that location too.

Coffees, Star Seeds and Whistles
     - This is a very good way to collect Game Items if you don't have enough friends.
     - If you are very lucky, you can get a handful of Star Seeds just by farming cards.
     - Refer to the screenshot above.
       - 51 total Star Seeds using the above tutorial.
       - Location: West Summer Road

     - You can also get more rewards by completing the Location Card Collections. NEW!

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