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       Here is a list of Tips and Tricks for Dreamland Online. Frequently asked questions and Frequently said answers included (^^\m/). You can refer here to answer some of your questions and guide you on your journey.
- Leveling Guide -

     - Always target monsters that are 4 levels above or below your level to get EXP
and higher chances of getting item drops like weapons and armors. Also applies to
pet leveling.

     - The fastest way to gain EXP is through quests. New quests will be unlocked every time your character levels up. To check available quests, Press [L] to open your quests list window. Learn how to interpret progressing and available quests below to make your journey easier.Refer to the sample Quest below.
     - Paddy Fields - The location where you can get this quest.
     - Magician Armorer - The NPC that you need to talk to, to get this quest.
     - Paddy Fields 1 - The location where you need to go to.
     - Boar(Phy) - The monster that you need to kill.
     - [Fake Pearl] - The quest item that you need to get from the monster.
     - Paddy Fields - The location where you have to go after completing the quest.
Normally, you have to go back to the NPC to complete the quest but other quests will request you to talk to another NPC somewhere else.
     - Press [N] or [M] to locate the locations asked.

     - Envoy Charity NPC - a good repeatable quests can be accepted from them. Complete quests to claim  a good number of EXP as rewards. They don't spend AP but most of the
quests requires you to travel a lot.

     - When doing Cook Recipe Quests from Chefs, do not throw the rewards "Cooked Food" - instead, look for the NPC that requests that particular food you made. This way you can get more D-Golds and reputations as a reward.

- D-Golds -

       D-Gold is the currency inside Dreamland Online. Here are some notable sources of money.

     - Selling items and equipments that you acquired from monsters to other players.

     - Bounty Quests - Repeatable quests that can be accepted from Bounty League NPCs in
every village. It will consume some of your AP though (depends on your level).

     - [Instances] (Dungeon Runs) - Form a party and complete HARD MODE Instances to get equipments, spells and more rewards. Instances requires a number of Reputation and some AP. You can check the number of Reputation you have in your character window [U].

     - Farming - by level 20+ you can try to farm Spell Dusts around Rocky Wasteland
1 (Puddy Village). You can get around 2k D-Golds per 99 Spell dusts. This is a good place to bot your character without spending lots of potions and worrying about death.

- Dreamland Online F.A.Q. -

I am a newbie. How to play Dreamland Online?
     Refer here: Dreamland Online Newbie's How to Play Guide

Where is the storage?
    - The first Storage that you can access is located at the middle area of Puddy Village.
    - Enter the Workshop located between Paddy Hermit NPC and Guild Admin NPC.

Where is Master Compounder?
    - Same as above. Master Compounder is just beside the storage.

How to link items into the chat window?
     - Open your inventory then hold [CTRL] + [Right Mouse Button] on the item.
     - This way, other players can see the stats of your item.

How to whisper other players?
     - /m (space) Player Name (space) Message
     - /whisper (space) Player Name (space) Message

How to get more AP?
     - Stay online and get 10AP per hour.
     - Every 12:00 am server time, 120 AP is restored.
     - AP potions from Dream Chest.

How to combine items?
     - Refer here: Dreamland Online Item Combinations Guide

Is there a bot for Dreamland Online?
     - Yes and it's in-game. Refer here: Dreamland Online Bot with Auto Pots/Skill/Loot

How can I upgrade my skills/spells?
     - Higher leveled skills/spells can be bought from other players. You can also get them as random rewards from Instances (Dungeon Runs). Same with Pet skills/spells.

Tip: Workshop Info, Pet Capturing, Pet Mounts and other questions can be learned via in-game Tutorial Quests. Just go on leveling until you unlock these quests.

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