Dreamland Online Bot with Auto Pots/Skill/Loot

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       First of all, this is NOT A CHEAT/HACK or a third party program for the game because this is actually a feature of Dreamland Online, that is available to all players. This bot is called "Battle Assistant" and this is pretty helpful to non-hardcore players that doesn't have all the time to play the game.
- Battle Assistant -

Battle Assistant Icon
       The Battle Assistant can be accessed in-game. Click on the icon located just below your mini map (upper right corner of your screen) to start configuring your bot. Activating the Battle Assistant right away without any options checked will make your character only do normal attacks and nothing else, so let's configure this the right way.

     - Put a check on the "Check Boxes" to activate the option.
     - Open your Inventory (I) or Spells (K) then drag the items or skills to the slots.
     - To remove an item/skill from the slot, drag it outside the window.i

Commonly used Options:

Auto Pots
     - [HP <] - Use 10% to 50% depends on the HP potion you are using.
     - [SP <] - Use 10% to 50% depends on the SP potion you are using.
     - Never use 0% or 80~100% here.

Auto Skill/Spell
     - Spells - You can place up to 3 active spells here. All spells or skills placed in the slots are NOT casted in order (from left to right). Spells are used whenever they are cooled down but in case that 2 or 3 spells simultaneously cooled down, the left most spell will go first and so on. (Also applies when you first start the battle assistant.)

     - Casting Interval - place the number of seconds before the skill above it will be used again after the first cast. This is useful when you want to conserve your SP potions.

     - If Casting Interval is Unchecked, all skills will be used as soon as they are cooled down. This will consume your SP potions pretty fast so carry enough SP potions before activating this one.

     - If the Casting Interval is Checked, all skills will not be used until the specified number of seconds below it is met. It is recommended to place a number of seconds that is higher than the skill's actual cool down.

     - Single Skill for Every Monster - you might want to use a single skill for every monster like debuff skills and you don't want your bot to cast it again because the skill has a short cool down. The trick here is to activate the Casting Interval then increase the number of seconds of that skill until it only hits once for every monster (varies for every monster).

Auto Loot
     - Always put a check on this one to get all monster drops. Make sure you have enough space in your inventory for item drops and equipments. 

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