Ravenwood Fair - 6waves' Online Game

Online Game: Ravenwood Fair
- Publisher: 6waves
- Facebook Game Application
- Virtual World-Simulation / Role
Playing Game / Online Browser Based Social Game

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- Gameplay -

     Ravenwood Fair is a virtual world simulation online browser game available on Facebook that is similar to Ville games and Sims. The aim of the game is to create a wonderful fair within the creepy forest for the prince and princess's wedding. Complete quests and gather materials to unlock and build all buildings, games, decorations, and wonders. Arrange them all using your imagination and build up your fair's fun level to attract more visitors.When you achieve the required level and fun level for your fair, you will get a notice that the wedding is finally on.

     Ravenwood Fair is fun and a challenging game for all. Starting a fair alone might be hard because of the scarcity of materials, but with the help of your friends, building a fair is a breeze.

- Battle Play -

     Ravenwood Fair is a simulation game where you battle against the demands of the game. There are no other active battle plays but you will have a chance to fight and ward off monsters that are lurking around the creepy forest.

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