Ninja Saga Ultimate Leveling Guide

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       This guide will help you pick the best missions for your level and get good EXP, Gold and Weapon Drops in Ninja Saga. All Element combinations can complete the missions picked below so don't worry.
For ninjutsus, it is not necessary to learn them all. Only learn ninjutsus that are near your level that you think it can boost your damage or survivability output.
       Create your character and go through the tutorial. You will be asked for your first Element Ninjutsu. If you are still unsure what element to choose, refer to the link below.

       Ninja Saga: Choose Your Elements Guide

- Genin Lvl 1~20 -

       After the tutorial, go to your profile (look for the icon at the bottom of the screen) and spend your points the way you like it. If you are still unsure what Element Attribute to choose, refer again to the link above.

     - Your first aim is to level up till Lvl 13 while familiarizing yourself on the different buildings and features around the village.
     - Go to the Kage Room and choose missions that are available for your level.

Special Missions - missions that appears at certain levels and events.
Daily Missions - missions that you can complete once a day.
Grade Missions - available set of missions for you current rank.

     - Complete the "Hard Working Student" Mission twice at the Grade C Missions to get your first two Taijutsus.
     - Take the Special Mission available to complete your tutorials.

       Go to the Academy and choose your second Element Ninjutsu or even third if you are a premium user. (Element Combination). You can also learn free ninjutsus by visiting your friends. Note that you can only learn ninjutsus that are on your current level and below. Practice the jutsu as soon as the timer hits 0 or else, the jutsu will disappear. Don't worry you will be given enough time.

     - DO NOT use any of your tokens for anything else specially when you have 100 tokens and below. Save it for the Chunin Exams instead. At mid game, use it for learning ninjutsus and for Jounin Exams.
     - Spend your Gold mainly for learning jutsus.
     - Get weapons from enemy drops, gifts and at the Shop if you really want.
     - Get Body and Back Items from gifts and friend's wall posts.
     - You can open up to 20 Gift Bags and claim up to 20 items from your friends per day.

     - When you hit Lvl 13, start spamming the following Missions until Level 20. Complete some Some Special Missions, Daily Missions and Daily Tasks (icon is located at the lower left section of the screen) for more EXP and Gold.

     - Lvl 13 "Escaped Criminals" Mission 
     - Very Good EXP output till Lvl 22, Gold and Weapon drops

     - Lvl 17 "Rescue Action" Mission 
     - For Gold and Weapon drops

     - Lvl 19 "Threatening Soil Village" Mission 
     - For Gold and Weapon drops

       At Lvl 20, You are now ready to take the Chunin Exam. You will not be able to get more EXP until you pass the Chunin Exam but you can still horde Golds and Items. Stock up Lvl 20 Healing Scrolls and learn the strongest ninjutsus at your level. DO NOT use tokens for learning ninjutsus for now unless you are a premium user.

- Chunin Exam -

       Take the exam at the Kage Room Special Mission. Complete the 5 parts of the exam to pass. Parts 1 and 2 is pretty straight forward but parts 3, 4 and 5 is a tough one specially part 4 where you might have to use tokens to pass.

       Refer to this link: Ninja Saga Chunin Exams Guide

- Chunin Lvl 20~40 -

       You can now visit the Pet Shop and buy a pet for 100,000 Gold or for Tokens if you want. I find them useless at first because of their crappy damages but when I got them to a decent level with some skills, they are pretty handy specially for getting last hits on enemies and doing buffs or debuffs. Earn some tokens and try to get Keiko, an excellent pet for disabling and damaging world bosses.

       Your next aim is to level up until Lvl 40 and become a Jounin. Refer below for recommended leveling spots until Lvl 40. Don't forget to complete special and daily missions at the Kage Room with your daily task to get a huge boost of EXP. Log in everyday and draw the lottery to increase the multiplier, if you are lucky you can draw a very good amount of bonuses.

       Recruit friends and battle world bosses at the Hunting House to get Gold, EXP, a Weapon or a Magatama. Magatamas are rare materials for forging weapons at the Blacksmith and also a requirement for learning new skills for your Pets.

       If you have enough friends, recruit them to help you complete missions faster or missions that are on your current level to get more EXP than the ones listed below.

     - Lvl 22 Canine Tooth Collection
     - Very Good EXP output till Lvl 27

     - Lvl 23 Phantom Ninja
     - For Gold and Weapon Drops

     - Lvl 27 Toxic Crisis 
     - Very Good EXP output till Lvl 38

     - Lvl 30 The Secret Package from Yuna 
     - For Gold and Weapon Drops

     - Lvl 38 Merchant Assassination
     - Very Good EXP output till Lvl 44, Gold and Weapon Drops.

       Note: At Lvl 38 Mission, Platinum Juttes can be sold for 42K Gold each. If you keep getting Superior Juttes, unequip and sell all of your Superior Juttes then refresh the page and try again. It worked for me so you might want to try it. Once you get Platinum Juttes, never exit Ninja Saga and spam the mission to farm massive Golds.

- Jounin Exam -

       At Lvl 40, go to the Kage Room and take the Jounin Exam to be able to gain EXP again. Stock up Healing Scrolls and learn the strongest jutsus that is available. Equip stun jutsus like Head Kick and Fat Woman Transformation for free users. Buy the lowest weapon in the Shop to do a trick on your Part 2 Jounin Exam.

  Refer to this link: Ninja Saga Jounin Exams Guide

       The Talent Building will become available after completing the Jounin exam. Visit the Talent Building and get your Extreme Talent if you have the Gold or Token required. If you are still unsure what Extreme Talents to choose, Click the link below to help you decide.

       Ninja Saga Extreme Talents

- Jounin Lvl 40~60 -

       Refer below for recommended leveling spots until Lvl 60. At Lvl 50, you will be able to choose and learn your first Secret Talent at the Talent Building.
       Refer here for more info on Secret Talents: Ninja Saga Secret Talents

Collect more EXP, Gold and TPs by completing the new TP Missions in the Kage Room.

       From now on, leveling will become slower so it is highly recommended to recruit friends to complete your missions faster. Opening gift bags will also net you 3k+ EXP and more depending on your level.

     - Lvl 44 Request from the Rock Village
     - Very Good EXP output till Lvl 52, Gold and Weapon Drops

     - Lvl 52 Blacksmith's Trouble
     - Very Good EXP output till Lvl 60

     - Lvl 54 Assassin's Plot
     - For Gold and Weapon Drops

       At Lvl 60, you will be able to choose and learn your second Secret Talent at the Talent Building.

     - If you still don't have a clan, join one and participate on the clan wars to get exclusive rewards.
     - Earn tokens and learn or complete your token ninjutsus.
     - Create you own set of combos (8 Ninjutsus + Extreme and Secret Talents).
     - If you want to create another ninja, you have to buy the Ninja Emblem.

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