Ninja Saga - Ninja Saga's Online Game

Online Game: Ninja Saga
- By Ninja Saga
- Facebook Game Application
- Role Playing Game / Ninja Based / Online Browser Based Social Game

       Refer below to learn more about Ninja Saga's Gameplay and Battle Play Features.

       Ninja Saga is a Role Playing online browser game available on Facebook.

       Train and sharpen your young Genin (Lowest Rank) ninja to become a full fledged Kage
(Highest Rank) of the village and be recognized and acknowledged by everyone. Learn your favorite Element Ninjutsus (skills) at the Academy or from your friends and take Missions at the Kage Room to gain rewards.

       Create a ninja team by recruiting friends or NPCs to help you out on your battles and don't
forget to get a Ninja Pet that will never leave your side. Buy or hunt your ninja weapons, gears and items and customize you ninja the way you want. Hone your battle strategies at the Arena and join or create your own ninja clan. Train hard and discover your own unique hidden skills and secret talents to dominate all Clan Wars!

- Battle Play -

       Ninja Saga's battle play is turn based and the most agile ninja will move first and so on.
Every turn, players will have the chance to take an action like attacking with equipped weapon, using ninjutsu, recharging chakra (mana) points, using items, changing gears and more.

       Ninja Saga also supports live PVP where you will be able to battle other players in real time.

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