Ninja Saga Chunin Exams Guide

       Refer here for your Chunin Exams. Chunin Exams will become available at Lvl 20. You have to go to the Kage Room and complete the Special Mission: Chunin Exams to be able to advance your Lvl higher than 20. Pet Store Building will become available upon completion of your Chunin Exam.
- Chunin Exam Part 1 of 5 (Written Exam) - 
- Just answer the questions asked

     - Your current ninja Rank: Genin
     - Fire village Kage name: Yudai
     - Weapon that Shin gave you: Kunai
     - Element that measures your quickness in battle: Wind
     - Consumable item that recovers your health in battle: Healing Scroll
     - Action that enables you to gain chakra in battle: Charge
     - Techniques that specializes in illusions and transformations: Genjutsu
     - Number of friends you can recruit: 2
     - Place where you can challenge you friends in real-time: Arena
     - Maximum number of consumables that you can use in PVP: 5

- Chunin Exam Part 2 of 5 (Scroll War) -
- Collect three scrolls and go to the exit

     - Fight only ninjas and ignore other enemies.
     - You can find ninjas at the top areas of the map and in the cave.
     - After getting three scrolls, go to the lower right corner of the map to finish the exam.

- Chunin Exam Part 3 of 5 (Solo Mission) -
- Fight a 3 consecutive 1 on 1 battle

     - Restock Lvl 20 Scrolls and get ready to fight on your own. Stun ninjutsus will also help you out here. Get Head Kick Taijutsu and Fat Woman Transformation Genjutsu for free users.

     - 1st Ninja - Taijutsu User
     - Continue fighting until he opens his gates (Open Gates Special Taijutsu). After opening the gates, the next 2 turns will deal a devastating damage. This is where you should cast your stun jutsus to prevent it. At the third turn he will be stunned because of the Open Gate's Effect on him.

     - 2nd Ninja - CP Drainer
     - Use all your Jutsus rather than being drained if he used Chakra Drain on you and start recharging your chakra when he uses Protection on himself.

     - 3rd Ninja - Pet User
     - Deals a high damage output because of it's pet. Just make sure your HP never goes down below 300 HP because he might land you a critical hit.

- Chunin Exam Part 4 of 5 (Kara's Team) - 
- Defeat Kara's Team

       You MUST recruit to be able to fight these 3 powerful ninjas. You can't solo this one. To recruit friends or NPC, go to the "Recruit Friends" Building at the village.

     - Option 1 - Recruit 2 Friends
     - Preferably Ninja Emblem Users with all Attributes on Earth.
     - Free Users with all Attributes on Earth and with Token Skills.

     - Option 2 - Recruit 2 NPCs
     - Best and easiest way to complete Part 4 of your exam but it will  require 40 Tokens.
     - DO NOT try to recruit 1 NPC and a Friend because it will not work.
     - Recruit 2 Lvl 20 NPCs for 40 Tokens and don't forget to stock up Healing scrolls.

     - Focus all your damage and stuns to Kara first unless he uses his Protection Jutsu, then focus on defeating Kanku. Sukuri has less HP and low damage but she can dodge attacks well so defeat her last.
     - Do not let your HP go down below 500 or you might caught up with their combos.

- Chunin Exam Part 4 of 5 (Kojima's Team) - 
- Defeat Kojima and Anaki

     - This one is easy, just stock up Healing scrolls and never let your HP go down below 600.
     - Focus your damage to Anaki first then Kojima next.

       After the fight, you will now be recognized as a Chunin in the village. Congratulations!

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