Bangbang Rabbit! - Beginner's FAQs, Tips, and Guide

Here's some quick tips and guide for the action and arcade mobile game Bangbang Rabbit!, available to download from Google Play (Android) and App Store (iOS).

Bangbang Rabbit! is a fun and easy to play hack and slash fighting game where you can show off your skills. Try to get as far as possible in your adventure with randomized events, weapons, and encounters!

Bangbang Rabbit! - Beginner's FAQs, Tips, and Guide

How To Earn More Gold Coins

Recycle Gears and Shards

Recycle Gears

   - Only recycle what you don't need.

   - For gears that would give you a decent amount of resources, use the limited daily 2x Recycle Bonus (watch an ad) to get more.

Recycle Shards

   - Just earn them all, only recycle items if you need Gold Coins.

   - I would recommend recycling shards with a good amount, and if you no longer need them (probably lower tier gears), this is to maximize the limited 5x Recycle Bonus (watch an ad).

Should I Craft Before Selling The Gear for Gold Coins?

   - Only craft if you will use the gear, otherwise better sell the shards to get more Gold Coins, no need to craft first.

Should I Buy Gold Coins with Gems?

   - It's a good alternative, but you can always farm Gold Coins from battles and other sources like AFK, Bounty, Weekly, and Daily rewards.

   - Consider buying Gold Coins with Gems if you think you already have the best gears in the game (including decent accessories), and you need more Gold Coins to boost your progress (upgrading gears, for buying needed gear shards from the Gold Coins Store, reforging gears, and more).

   - You can also buy Gold Coins with Gems to spam upgrade your Magic Stones (optional).

Bangbang Rabbit! FAQs and Tips

Best Ways To Use Gems?

Premium Gear Boxes

Bangbang Rabbit Premium Gear Box

   - Mainly to try your luck getting Epic gears, especially if you still don't have most of them. Epic accessories are also a very nice bonus if you can get some.

   - Getting an Epic gear that you need can be recycled to get more shards for upgrading (make sure to use the limited daily 2x Recycle Bonus (watch an ad) to get x40 shards (this deal is better than buying Gold Coins with Gems, but only if you are lucky and you need the item for upgrading your gears).

   - You can also get x5 Gear Coins per box, earn them to buy Epic accessories from the Gear Coin Shop. This is the easiest way to get your Epic accessories (buy more if you are looking for certain stats and skill bonuses).

   - TIP: Keep all Epic or higher accessories in-case you'll need them later to adjust skills for example. You can build a totally different set of skills and gear depending on the skill bonuses of your accessories.

Gold Coins

Bangbang Rabbit Gold Coins

   - Aim for the 1,600 Gems option to get more Gold Coins per Gem.

   - Gold Coins is another good alternative option (refer to the "Should I Buy Gold Coins with Gems?" section above). 

How To Reforge a Gear?


   - You'll need at least Epic gears to access the Reforge option.

   - Requires Gold Coins and Polygonal Crystals. Buy Polygonal Crystals from the Treasure Trove (Star Coins Store). Farm Star Coins from the Astral Tower and other sources.

Reforge to Re-roll Stats

   - Reforge would let you re-roll stats (refer to the item's Range for stats).

   - It is luck based (success chance), but their is a guaranteed success after reforging a number of times.

Bangbang Rabbit! In-Game Events

Mine Front Quick Tips

Bangbang Rabbit! Mine Front

Completion Rewards

   - Mana (for upgrading Magic Stones).

   - Gear Shards (rarity depends on difficulty).

Choosing Skills:

   - You can pick 4 skills each set, so also consider getting certain skills to unlock combos that you like.

   - If you still don't have your own style early game, refer to the link below for tips on which skills to get:

   - Bangbang Rabbit! - Beginner's Battle Tips and Skills Guide

   - NOTE: You'll need to clear the event before the timer expires, so try to balance your Offense and Survival Skills, depending on your overall upgrades (switch weapons and/or gears too if needed).

Other Quick Tips:

   - Defeat Cat Demons asap, last stage will always spawn 2 Cat Demons, use your Ultimate if needed.

Astral Tower Quick Tips

Bangbang Rabbit Astral Tower Quick Tips

Completion Rewards

   - Star Coins (used to buy upgrade materials from the Star Coins Store).

Choosing Skills

   - Same as above (refer to "Mine Front Choosing Skills" section above).

   - NOTE: You'll need to survive to complete the event (HP carries over to the next stage), so try to balance or focus more on getting Survival Skills, depending on your overall upgrades (switch weapons and/or gears too if needed).

Regenerate HP Right Before Battling!

   - TIP: After getting HP penalty or damages from previous stage, you can recover your HP right from the start (do not press "Tap to start") let your character recover HP by using HP regen skills until it's full!

   - This is also useful if you got HP penalty from certain stages.

Other Quick Tips:

   - Make sure you have enough Supply Items till the end, maintain around 5. You can get more Supply Items from stages (check blue potion icons). Every time you reach 5th, 10th, and the 15th floor you are forced to use Supply Items, so make sure that you have enough before entering these floors.

   - Collect Star Coins (get as many as you can).

   - Add more Skills as you go (if needed).

Bangbang Rabbit! In-game Tips

   - NOTE: These are tips listed under the AFK rewards screen.


   - Complete quests to get rewards.

   - Defeat Cat Demons to get Gold Coins and gear.

   - Get rewards for going on adventures and additional rewards for completing a chapter.

   - Go on adventures and get Gold Coins.


   - Check out the Recycling Bin if you have equipment that you do not need.

   - Fill Magic Stones with magic to increase their power.

   - Get shards at the Treasure Trove to upgrade your gear.

   - Gold Coins can be used to upgrade Magic Stones and gear, and to purchase shards for upgrading gear at the Treasure Trove.

Magic Ores and Crystals

   - Magic Crystals are used to improve various attributes. Check them out in Reforge Gear.

   - Magic Ore can be obtained from Accessory Chests to improve your accessories.

   - Magic Ore is used to upgrade accessories while Magic Crystals are used to reforge gear.

   - Obtain Magic Crystals from Mine Front.


   - Accessory Chests require keys of various types.

   - Chest keys can be obtained from quest rewards. Hard work always pays off!

Astral Tower

   - Different choices in the Astral Tower lead to different outcomes. Use both strength and tactics to overcome the challenges.

   - Play the Astral Tower to get Star Coins, which are used to buy resources.

AFK Rewards

   - Get rewards while idle.

   - The more stages you clear, the better your AFK rewards.

   - There is a limit to how much AFK rewards you can have. Remember to claim them.


   - You cannot do anything if you do not have Stamina. Restore your Stamina if it is too low (watch ads).

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That's it guys, thank you for checking our Beginner's FAQs, Tips, and Guide for the action and arcade mobile game Bangbang Rabbit!. Available for Android (Google Play) and iOS (App Store).