ROCKMAN X DiVE: Faster Leveling and Total Power Guide

Here's a quick guide and tips on how to quickly advance your Level and Total Power in the action RPG mobile game ROCKMAN X DiVE.

Refer below to learn how to increase Player EXP, how to get AP, and how to raise your Total Power by leveling and upgrading your Main and Sub Weapons.

Where to Get Player EXP?

1) Complete Tasks in "Mission"

ROCKMAN X DiVE: Faster Leveling and Total Power Guide

2) Complete "Story" Levels

   - Don’t forget to use "Skip Dive" to quickly get rewards and player EXP.
ROCKMAN X DiVE:  Where to Get Player EXP

Where to get AP?

   - AP is the most important item to gain player EXP!

1) Get a Total of 240 AP in the "Lab’s" "Items"

ROCKMAN X DiVE:  Where to Get AP

Upgrading Research Level

   - In addition to getting AP three times a day from the Lab, you can also do research on many items.
Character, weapon, and chip memories are all yours for the taking!

   - TIP: Keep leveling up "Research Level" to make rare materials.
   - After collecting the required materials, select the item you wish to make to get "Research Experience", and accumulate enough EXP to level up. The sooner you level up, the sooner you can make rare items.

   - To find out which items you can make for each Research Level, how to level up more efficiently, or how to quickly gather the required materials, refer to our separate guide here:

2) Get and Send AP Through "Friend"

   - You can get AP presents from 10 friends each day. Go and add some friends!

How to Raise Total Power?

   - "Weapons" are the most important aspect to raising your total power. Remember to equip "Main Weapon" and "Sub Weapon" when executing levels.
   - Pick two of your most-used weapon to strengthen by these methods:

1) Level Up

   - Use "Weapon EXP Programs" which drop from Story levels.
ROCKMAN X DiVE - How to Raise Total Power

2) Upgrade

   - Customize your weapon stats from "HP", “Attack”, "CRI", "Luck", and "HIT". Proficient memory cards which are used to turn into proficiency points can be gained from Story levels.
ROCKMAN X DiVE - How to Raise Total Power 2

3) Skill

   - Use "Skill Points" to upgrade this.
   - Skill Points can be gained from official events or bought through the Shop.

   - TIP: When strengthening your weapon, remember to cultivate both your main and sub weapons!

Quick Tip:

   - On the main screen, click on the left arrow to enter “Gallery”. Each character and weapon has different goals. When you achieve the goal, you can level up your total power.

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