Rocket Star - Idle Space Factory: Tips and How To Upgrade Guide

Here's a guide for the casual idle strategy mobile game Rocket Star - Idle Space Factory. Learn how to efficiently upgrade your workstations, payloads, research centers, and more. Also, refer below on how to progress faster by using all features available in the game.

Drive your own space company and become a Rocket Star!

Beginner's Quick Upgrading Guide

Which Workstations To Upgrade First?

   - Your aim here is to keep all your workstations active, this is an easy task to do but in order to use your Star Tokens efficiently, you'll need to upgrade specific workstations more than others until a certain level. Follow the quick upgrading guide below.

   - Note: Even if you are offline, all Workstations will continue.
Rocket Star - Idle Space Factory: Beginner's Guide and How To Upgrade

Upgrading the Deliverer

   - Only upgrade this workstation if the Production/s of the Elevator is higher than the Deliverer.

How To Balance

   - No need to upgrade it too high, just make sure that it's Production/s is close enough to the Elevator 's Production/s but not lower. In other words, upgrade every time you upgrade the Elevator.
   - Ignore warning signs, they will eventually balance out.

Upgrading the Elevator

   - This is where you should focus your attention to, to make things easier to track what is going on.
   - Worker Load: This is the capacity that your Elevator can carry (distribution varies depending on the upgrades of each Platform, prioritizing the lowest ones first).
Rocket Star - Idle Space Factory: Upgrading Elevator
(above image shows that the Elevator got 13.8k Work load left)

How To Balance

   - TIP: Always check and make sure that the Elevator can reach the top most Platform available, and when it goes down, also make sure that the Elevator has at least more than 1 Work Load left (if it's 0, upgrade your Elevator, just to be sure).
   - After upgrading your Elevator, wait and let him do a full rotation, then check again.
   - This upgrade setup will ensure that you'll get a full working Space Centers all the time.

Upgrading All Platforms

   - To make things a lot easier, just look for the cheapest Platform to upgrade.
Rocket Star - Idle Space Factory: Upgrading Platforms
(Click/Tap+Hold to upgrade multiple times)

How To Balance

   - Upgrade all platforms (including other Platforms from other Space Centers.) until they have the same number of required Star Tokens to upgrade.

   - Example: Set a target then upgrade all Platforms until they reach let's say around 5M for example. Next, move to other Space Centers and do the same until every Platforms you have in the universe got around 5M Star Tokens to upgrade.

   - Reminder: After upgrading a Platform, fully check your Elevator again (refer to the Elevator TIP section above.)
   - Next, once everything is balanced, upgrade them all to 15M required Star Tokens, 30M, 60M, whatever target you like, and so on.

   - Note: Newer Space Centers will require higher Star Tokens (Build Phase) and Fuel (Fuel Phase), so it's fine if your first few Space Centers are generating lower Production than others, just keep upgrading them to launch more rockets over time.

Things That Will Affect Your Current Upgrades

Additional Platforms and Workers

   - After unlocking a platform, a new demand of Work Load will appear, adjust according to what you need. Same when you get new workers.
   - Just continue and unlock more platforms as you go.

Leader Cards

   - Some Active or Passive skills might affect current upgrades.
   - When assigning or transferring Leader Cards to another Space Center, make sure to check if everything is working smoothly.

Buying Payloads

Rocket Star - Idle Space Factory: Buying Payloads
   - Buy with Star Tokens (recommended), a necessary upgrade to launch your rocket.
   - Focus more on buying the cheaper ones, so that you can launch more rockets asap.
   - If Payload cost is too high, better upgrade your Workstations for now to get faster Production and Star Tokens over time.

Upgrading Research Center

   - Focus on researching the following Production +% Upgrades first to get continuous gains even if you are offline. To upgrade, just follow the same pattern while upgrading all of your Platforms.
   - Newer Space Centers will require higher Star Tokens per upgrade, so ignore them for now if it's higher than your current balancing setup.
Rocket Star - Idle Space Factory: Upgrade Researches

Universal Researches

   - These upgrades will affect all Space Centers.
   - Same thing here, upgrade the Crunch Hours first, then Sponsoring to reduce Goal requirements.
   - Upgrade cheapest first, or focus on Crunch Hours first, your choice.

Video Gems Researches NEW!

   - Upgrade Dog Tricks and Dog Treats first if you are an active player.
   - Upgrade Offline Efficiency and High Torque if you are more of an offline player.
   - Note: Make sure that you have enough Video Gems left for buying Batteries, for completing Missions (if needed).

How To Progress Faster

Watch Video Ads!

Bonus Reward (Crates that appears near the top most area)

   - Watch an ad to receive Star Tokens.
   - If you want fast Star Tokens, here's a good option.

Bonus Reward (UFO - Space Center Selection Screen)

   - Watch an ad to receive Star Tokens.
   - Also a good option for getting fast Star Tokens.

Instant Boost (Space Dog)

Rocket Star - Idle Space Factory: Dog Booster
   - Watch an ad to boost your production in 25x for 60s!
   - Really good buff to speed up progress (all Space Centers), combo with certain Leader Cards like Chris' active skills and Batteries.

Offline Earnings

   - Only watch the video ad (get triple reward) if you were offline for a number of hours.

Spin the Gear of Fortune

   - Watch a video to spin and start it's effect, re-spin to increase the effect time.
   - Aim for 3x or higher, then just wait for the timer to run out before extending again.
   - If you plan to go offline for several hours, increase the timer first if you like.

Assign Leader Cards

   - Active and Passive skills can increase overall performance of your Workers.
   - When activating Leader skills, collect Drop Items to gain more Star Tokens for the Building Phase, or Fuel for the Fuel Phase.
   - Assign your Leaders to your best performing Space Centers (check the number next the (z) icon, below the Star Token near the upper left corner), or to those that are in Fuel Phase.
Rocket Star Leader Cards
   - Optional: Buy Crates from the Shop to get faster cards (recommended for cash users).

Use Platform Batteries

   - Free from Mission Rewards.
   - Buy in the Shop with Space Cash (recommended for cash users) or Video Gems (you'll get Video Gems for every video you watch).
   - While active, combo with Leader skills and Space Dog Boosters.

   - TIP: Save some for completing Missions that requires Battery usage.

Other Events and Freebies:

Rocket Launched - Rewards

   - Launch rockets to unlock Crates, to get rewards like Platform Batteries and Leader Cards.
   - Phases: Build Phase > Fuel Phase > Rocket Launch.

Missions (Space Center Selection Screen)

   - Complete 10 Missions to open a Super Mission Crate.
   - Replace Mission: You can replace missions that you think will take a lot of time to complete. You have 1 free "Replace" per day. Example: Missions that requires you to open more than 3 Crates, replace them to get an easier mission.

Daily Rewards and Resources

   - Login everyday to claim rewards like Space Cash, Batteries, Crates and more.

Star Tokens or Coins

   - Can be obtained from a lot of sources.
Rocket Star - Idle Space Factory Star Coins
   - Mostly used for upgrading workstations.
   - To unlock Payloads, new Space Centers and more.
   - For researching improvements (exclusive to that Space Center).

Space Cash

   - Randomly dropped by workers.
   - Grab while launching rockets.
   - From Mission Rewards.
   - Reward for upgrading Workstations to a certain Lvl.
   - Buy from the Shop to support the developers of the game.
   - Hypercube rewards.

   - Used for Buying items in the Shop, Research, Buy Payload (optional), Replace Missions (optional), Upgrade Leader Cards, and more.

That's it guys, thank you for checking our Beginner's Guide and How To Upgrade guide for the casual idle strategy mobile game - Rocket Star - Idle Space Factory. Available for Android (Google Play) and iOS (App Store).