Shinobi.IO: Beginner's FAQ, Tips, and Guide (Best Shinobi To Get)

Here's some FAQs, Tips, and Strategy Guide for the Ninja Online Battle Royale IO android mobile game - Shinobi.IO.

Shinobi.IO is a casual IO style multiplayer, real-time battle arena type of game where you and your enemies compete to kill each other in an arena to be the best. Presented by Ninja Online Battle Royale, now available to download from the Google Play.
Shinobi.IO: Beginner's FAQ, Tips, and Strategy Guide (Android Mobile Game)

Collect Rewards and Freebies!

Daily Rewards

   - Claim your Daily Login Rewards.
   - Level Up then check your Mail for more freebies (also watch out for events, compensations and more).
   - Complete Missions that you can to earn Crystals, use them to buy shards from the Mission Shop. Note that some Shinobis, Weapons, and Pets are only available from the Mission Shop.

Complete Achievements (Reward)

   - Focus here and complete them as you go.
   - Claim your rewards and spend them wisely.

Ninja Shop > Golds > Watch Ad

   - Watch video ads here to get some free Gold.
   - TIP: If you keep on losing from team battles, especially early game, consider watching some ads for some easy Gold gains. You can also try playing Battle Royale.

   - Note: After winning a match, you might want to watch an ad too, to double your Gold rewards.

Best Ways to Use Gold?

Best Ways to Use Gold - Gold Chests
   - Use your Gold to buy chests, only buy Gold Chests though to maximize your Gold.
   - Keep on opening until you can complete and unlock a new Shinobi, Weapon, or Pet.

Best Ways To Use Gems?

   - Use them to Buy Rare Shinobis, Weapons, or Pets from the Special Shop. Only buy those that are rarely obtained from Gold Chests (using gold).
   - You can also save them for upcoming stronger Shinobis, Weapons, or Pets.
   - If you only need a few shards to complete something that you really like to get, then this is also a good option.

Quick Match Up and Battle Tips

Quick Battle FAQs and Tips

Attacks and Chakras

   - Normal Attacks, Dash and Weapon Skills consumes Chakra (regenerates over time).
   - Special Skill doesn't use Chakra but has a long cool-down period.

   - TIP: If your HP is low, spend all your Chakra because you'll regain them anyway once you re-spawn.

Passive Skills

   - Character specific Passive Skills (ex: 10% chance to burn) only applies to normal attacks.
   - Passive Skills from Weapons (ex: 10% chance to poison) doesn't apply to any Special Skills, it would only work with normal attacks.

   - TIP: Normal attacks that gives multi hits like Raijin Kunai and Phoenix Star gives higher chance to proc these status effects (tested with Phoenix Star: 1 hit shuriken vs 3 hits shuriken).
   - TIP: Normal attacks that can do multi hits also have a higher chance to proc 1 or more status effects on a single target, if all attack hits (ex: stun and burn).

   - Having 2 Passive Skills of the same type (ex: 2x 10% chance to stun) doesn't stack, but having 2x 10% does have a difference (tested with Satsu Kei+Raijin Kunai vs White Ninja+Raijin Kunai).

How To Do Jump Attacks with Special Skills?

   - Simultaneously tap or click [Dash] + [Character's Special Attack].
   - Dash would still require Chakra though but this method would enable you to jump towards clashes and unleash your Special Attack, best for AoE type skills.
   - Some characters can do this by using "Hold and Drag", like Sakura.

How To Charge Your Shinobi's Special Skill

   - TIP: To boost your special skill's cool-down length, just go and damage enemies with any attacks, even better if you can kill them too (gives huge boost), or at at least hit multiple targets!

   - Use normal attacks that are easy to hit, and can do multiple hits to targets (like Phoenix Star) or AoE attacks (like Bombs). Other weapons like Swords are also ok depending on your preference, as long that you can charge your Special Skill fast.

Weapon Types

   - Weapons have their own Special Attacks and Passive Skills, check them out from the customization screen.
Shinobi.IO Weapons
   - Shurikens: Long ranged and hard to hit but some of them can really dish out damages when used at close range!
   - Swords: Melee ranged, and can hit all targets in range.
   - Bombs: AoE range (hold and drag attack button to throw farther), easy to hit and can be thrown above obstacles. It requires higher Chakra per attack though.
   - Special: Weapons that are not classified above, and have different attack patterns.

   - TIP: "Hold and Drag" any attacks or skills to check there range, AoE, or how they work, but take note though that dragging too much could also make you vulnerable from enemy attacks. Try to use use instant attacks (just tap/click on attack button) depending on your weapon or skill even if it would sacrifice some accuracy for speed.

Battle Items

   - Items may spawn at the center of the map like Speed or Food items, note that the next item spawns 10 seconds after getting the existing item.

Leveling Up: Earning EXP

   - You can gain 5 EXP Rewards every time you win a match, 1 EXP if you lose.
   - Leveling Up would give you rewards that contains random shards (check Mail).

Battle Royale: Survival Mode

Healer Type

   - Focus on gearing up your Shinobi for 1 on 1 fights, and if possible, avoid getting ganked.
   - Any Shinobi is doable, but would recommend using weapons that can heal you like Heal Bomb or Soul Katana (or similar weapon) to increase survivability.
   - If you want to play aggressively, just make sure that you check your chakra to activate your heal anytime.
   - Speed is also key when playing Battle Royale to out maneuver Swords and slow moving enemies.
   - Healer type would almost guarantee you to get top 3, kinda slow but recommended for beginners.

Nuker Type

   - It is also possible not to use healing skills, but it would require more player skill. One example is a nuker type build that can stun targets (ex: Raijin Kunai), or deal massive damages!
   - Focus on gearing up your Shinobi for 1 on 1 fights, and if possible, avoid getting ganked.
   - Take on low HP targets for a quick kill.
   - Speed is also key when playing Battle Royale to out maneuver Swords and slow moving enemies.
   - If done right, you can finish a match around 1 minute!

Other Quick Battle Tips

   - Replenish your HP by getting food items located at the center of the map if needed, best done once there are only 3 survivors left. Try to take control of this area to avoid other players getting these items.

   - TIP: Battle Royale can give you faster EXP and Gold per battle (need at least top 3).
   - TIP: While waiting for the number of players to thin down, spam your Emoticon to complete the "The Joker" achievement.

Team Battle: Best Played with Friends!

   - Yup, it is so much easier to play with friends to avoid getting teamed-up with bots and non-active players, who stays and do nothing...
Quick Battle Tips

How To Add Friends?

   - To play with friends, you must add them first via Friends section (search ID or Name), or add other players (if available from results screen) after every team battles.

Team Battle Quick Tips

   - Pick which role you like to play to help you decide which Shinobi to use.
   - Example Team Roles: Nuker (deals high damages), Crowd Control (inflicts stun and debuffs), Support Healer (mainly heals the team), Tank (mostly in front to take damages), or you can go Hybrid (a combination of roles).

   - MVP: The player who can rake the highest Total Points will become the MVP. Most of the time, it's the one who can get lots of kills and assists.

Shinobi, Weapon and Pet To Use Early Game?

How To Use Uchimaki Gon (Starting Ninja)

   - Use your Ninja Star's Weapon Skill at close range to hit all of your shurikens! Best done while hidden from bushes, or against stunned/slowed targets. This method can really give huge damages when done right!
   - If you have Uchimaki Gon's Special Skill charged, use it to easily get close to your target.

   - Once you used your weapon skill, play defensively, run and hide into those bushes or run around obstacles. Charge your weapon skill, then repeat.
   - Only use normal attacks against dying targets, or if you are close enough.

   - Pet To Use: Any

Best Shinobi and Set Up To Use Early Game?

   - The best thing about this game is that, you are free to switch between any shinobi, weapon or pet that you like to play with. Note that they all have their own role, strengths, and weaknesses, try them all out to find the perfect combination.
Best Shinobi and Set Up To Use Early Game?
   - Here's some recommendations that you might like to consider:
   - White Ninja (Genji) - Nuker Type Build
   - Satsu Kei - Nuker CC Type Build
   - More Types and Builds Coming Soon!

Future Shinobi Releases

   - Some Shinobis are harder to get and some of them too can't be obtained from Gold Chests.
   - New Shinobis will come for sure in the future, just check their Special Skill if it's stronger or at least similar to your current playing style.

*That's it for now guys, thank your for checking our FAQs, Tips, and Strategy Guide for the Ninja Online Battle Royale IO android mobile game - Shinobi.IO.

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