GunboundM: How to Increase League Rankings Fast

Here's some tips that will help players gain more GP per battle, allowing them to increase their League Rankings fast and promote to a higher Rank.

Increasing your Rank (non League), will also give you rewards like Gold, Gems, and other freebies. Every time a season ends, you will be given rewards like Gems, depending on your current League Rank, then it will reset to Wood again.

PVP Battle Modes:

   - PVP Duel Battles are your main source of GPs, and increase ranks.
   - Choose any Modes that you are comfortable with. Refer below for the GP gained/loss per battle.
GunboundM: How to Increase League Rankings Fast

Rookie Battle

   - Win = 3 GP
   - Lose = 0 GP
   - Turn Time = 30 Seconds

Challenge Mode

   - Win = 10 GP
   - Lose = -2 GP
   - Turn Time = 30 Seconds

Pro Battle

   - Win = 25 GP
   - Lose = -5 GP
   - Turn Time = 25 Seconds

At Higher PVP Modes:

   - Wind is Stronger
   - Turn Time is Shorter
   - If you think you'll lose, better quit to save time, especially of you are just spamming Rookie Battles. GP gain is sometimes fast if everyone will just quit haha, example: some players will just quit if they won't go first. or if their first few turns went really bad.

   - Spamming Pro Battle is best once you have a great team, a handful of Gold to spend, and confidence to your skills.

How To Win My Battles?

   - To help you win more battles, refer to these tips:
   - GunboundM: Battle Tips for Wind and How to Charge SS Bars Fast
   - GunboundM: Battle Items, Totems and Cloud Effects

Tips to Increase GP per Battle:

Use Higher Grade Mobiles

   - From Grade A and above, Mobiles will get some extra stats that will allow them to gain more GP after battle.

Use Avatars with Purple Slots

   - Level-up your Avatars to Lvl 9 and/or 12 to unlock Purple Slots, then equip Purple Jewels that increases GP gain after battle.
   - Higher Grade Purple Jewels will give better GP bonus.

Ranking Promotion GP Requirements:

League Promotion and GP

   - This is your Season GP, you can check your progress through your Profile or from the League Ranking screen. Season GP is only for League Promotions.
   - Example: Wood 2 > Wood 1

Ranking Promotion and GP

   - This chart shows how many GP is needed to reach the next Ranking Promotion. you can check your progress through your profile (tap on your Avatar), then refer to it's Total GP.
GunboundM: How to Increase League Rankings Fast
   - Beginner = 10 GP
   - Wooden Hammer = 20 GP
   - Two Wooden Hammer = 30 GP
   - Stone Axe = 100 GP
   - Two Stone Axe = 150 GP
   - Iron Axe = 200 GP
   - Two Iron Axe = 250 GP
   - Silver Axe = 300 GP
   - Two Silver Axe = 350 GP
   - Gold Axe = 400 GP
   - Two Gold Axe = 450 GP

   - Iron Dual-Axe = 2000 GP
   - Iron Dual-Axe+ = 2000 GP
   - Silver Dual-Axe = 2400 GP
   - Silver Dual-Axe+ = 2400 GP
   - Gold Dual-Axe = 2800 GP
   - Gold Dual-Axe+ = 2800 GP

   - Violet Scepter = 5000 GP
   - Sapphire Scepter = 6000 GP
   - Red Ruby Scepter = 7000 GP
   - Diamond Scepter = 8000 GP

   - Blue Dragon = 10000 GP
   - Red Dragon = 20000 GP
   - Silver Dragon = 30000 GP
   - Gold Dragon = 40000 GP

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