Sword Art Online: MD - Item and Weapon Exchange Shops FAQ Guide

Here's a quick info guide on how to use the Item and Weapon Exchange Shops in the action RPG mobile game: Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag.

These new Shops are new ways where you can obtain Skill Slot materials and strong R4 Weapons that you need, to strengthen your characters.
Sword Art Online: MD - Item and Weapon Exchange Shops FAQ Guide

Item Exchange Shop

Menu > Exchange Shop

   - Requires Stardusts > Exchange with common Elemental Medallions and other limited time rare Skill Slot materials like Rainbow Essence.

   - This is a good chance to get rare items for your characters, keep your Stardusts and only spend if needed. it is highly recommended that you trade them for Rainbow Essences since these limited rare items will restock every month!
SAO MD Stardusts

Where To Farm Stardusts?

   - Farmed from limited events as event rewards, check "In-game Notice" or "Event Rewards" if the item is available for farming.

How To Unlock Skill Slots?

   - For more info, refer here: How to Unlock Skill Slots and Stats Per Lvl

Weapon Exchange Shop

Upgrade > Exchange Shop

   - Requires at least 4 R4 unevolved weapons > Exchange with any Weapon from the list.
   - Only exchange weapons that you don't really need, also keep some R4 weapons that you might need, in-case you'll be able to draw better characters.
   - You can only exchange weapons from the list once.
SAO MD Weapon Exchange Shop

Weapon Exchange FAQs

Where To Get R4 Weapons?

   - Scout from the Weapon Shop using Diamonds (so never sell your R4 weapons from shop!).
   - Scout from Ranking Events (if available) using Ranking Event items like "Tickets". Enter the Ranking Event quest, then find the Scout button for the Scout section (button description also varies per event).

What is an Exchange Sword?
   - An item that can be scouted from limited Ranking Events using tickets for example.
   - Evolve this item to R4, then it can be traded from the Weapon Exchange Shop.
SAO MD Exchange Sword

I Have a R4 Weapon, but It Won't Appear from the List?

   - Un-equip the weapon from your character.
   - You have an evolved R4 weapon, the Exchange Shop will only accept unevolved ones.

I Have a R5 Weapon, Can I Exchange It?

   - If you absolutely don't need it, then yes, it is possible to exchange that weapon.
   - You will also get a 1 Evolution Ingot, used like a dupe weapon when evolving any of your weapons.

I Can't Find A Certain Weapon from the List, Why?

   - The list will only include weapons that are also currently available from the Weapon Scout.

That's it for now guys, I hope we have answered all of your questions, feel free to ask if you have questions. ^^

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