NARUTO: Blazing - Farming More Ryo, Scrolls and Pills with High Luck

Here'a a guide on how to effectively farm Ryo, Scrolls and Pills, by using the Luck stat to increase the drop rates of items like Gama-chan, Rarer Scrolls and Pills.

The Luck Stat

   - Luck affects the drop rates of items during battle, and the only way to increase the Luck stat of your ninjas is by fusing dupes. The Base ninja and Enhancing Materials to be used must have exactly the same name and title, even if they have different Lvls or number of stars.

   - Luck Stat is transferable, so instead of fusing all dupes directly into your maxed ninja, it is best to fuse all of your dupes first, then into your maxed ninja. This method will save you lots of Ryo.
NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja Blazing - Farm with High Luck

Why Ryo, Scrolls and Pill Bottles?

   - Basically, any stage missions that you can use "Auto Fight" will do.
   - The main reason is because the missions for these items are very easy to complete, and using Maxed 5* or 6* Ninjas is definitely an overkill. I would highly recommend that you should use any decent 4* or higher ninjas with high Luck instead to increase the drop rates.

Hosting Stages (Optional)

   - When you are hosting stages, only accept Helpers with high luck ninjas (at least around 30 Luck "captain" ninjas). Use the "Room Comment" to notify other players.
   - Note: With the new update, other team Captains from Multiplayer mode will not affect chance rates of normal drop items, only the Lucky Drop.
   - For more info, refer to our separate guide here: How to Get Lucky Drops and Completion Rewards
   - Normal drops like items and characters will only depend on your team Captain's Luck stat.

How To Add a Room Comment

   - Select "Gather Friends" option.
   - Under the "Select Team" section, go to the "Room ID Settings".
   - Select "Edit" to add a room comment, then continue.
   - Note: The room comment is permanent, so edit it again if you want to change or remove.

Tougher Missions

   - If you want to increase the drop rates of other items, you may also at least take 1 of your high luck ninjas as Captain of your team, then switch them during battle.

Luck Caps for Ninjas

   - Use this as a guide to avoid over spending dupes.
   - 1* Ninjas = 15 Luck
   - 2* Ninjas = 20 Luck
   - 3* Ninjas = 40 Luck
   - 4* Ninjas = 60 Luck
   - 5* Ninjas = 80 Luck
   - 6* Ninjas = 99 Luck

- How To Get Ninjas with High Luck -

Gacha Summons

   - There are common 3*/4* or 4*/4* ninjas that you can get from Summons with 10 Luck as their default stat. Fusing 3 of them into 1 Base will already give you a 3* ninja with 40 Luck. Awaken them to 4* to gain more.

   - Example Ninjas:
   - Hiashi Hyuga - A Strict Leader
   - Shizune - Tsunade's Attendant
   - Mizuki - Hidden Ambitions
   - Shibi Aburame - A Reticent Man
   - Kakkou - Powerful and Aggressive
   - Choza Akimichi - The Ino-Shika-"Cho"-Trio
   - Hayate Gekko - Third Round Prelim Judge
   - Naruto Uzumaki - Boy Who Aims to be Hokage
   - Anko Mitarashi - Dangerous Dumpling Lover
   - Shikaku Nara - The Ino-"Shika"-Cho-Trio
   - and many more...

Farmable Free Ninjas

   - This is the best option for F2P players too.

Story Mode Character Drops

   - Every final mission of a Stage has a chance to drop a 3* ninja (1 Luck each). Farm and upgrade them to 4* if you like.
   - Note: With the new game update patch, there are more stages that will also drop 3*/4* ninjas, for a complete list, go here: Story Mode Farmable 5*, 4*, and 3* Ninjas
   - Luck also affects the drop rates of these farmable ninjas.

Raid Characters

   - These are limited time event ninjas that you can farm from the Emergency Missions section. Check "Event Information" in-game for more info.
   - Upgrade them up to 5*, then farm more dupes to increase their Luck (1 Luck each). Note that joining Multiplayer Mode will also drop them!
   - The drop rate is constant per mission in this event (drop rate is dependent on the difficulty).

   - Example Ninjas:
Rock Lee - Never Gives UpKakashi Hatake - The Best TeacherHaku - The Icy Mask's Blades
   - Rock Lee - Never Gives Up
   - Kakashi Hatake - The Best Teacher
   - Haku - The Icy Mask's Blades
   - For a complete list, refer here: Farmable Raid Ninjas From Emergency Missions

Phantom Castle Rewards

NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja Blazing - Phantom Castle
   - If you can reach at least Rank 10,000 at the end of the event, you'll be rewarded with a ninja that has a default Luck of 16. If you can win 1 more copy next time, then you can fuse them and get a 32 Luck total ninja.

   - Example Ninjas:
Hyuga Hinata - A Pure HeartHaku - All for his Loved Ones
   - Haku - All for his Loved Ones
   - Hinata Hyuga - A Pure Heart
   - and many more...soon

Farming Ryo with High Luck

Get Rich Quick - Emergency Missions

   - Usually appears every weekends, then after the server reset (3 hours).
NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja Blazing - Gama-chan
   - Complete these stages using 1 of your high Luck ninjas to increase the drop rates of Gama-Chan.
   - I believe the maximum that you can get is 4 pieces, but with a high Luck Captain, it is more likely that you can get 2 or 3 pieces of 3* Gama-chan items.

Farming Scrolls with High Luck

   - Same method above, farm the scrolls you need from their respective Scroll stages under Emergency Missions. Specific Scrolls will appear depending on the day.
   - All-Scrolls usually appear after the server reset (new day in-game) for 3 hours, and during weekends.
   - Scrolls can also be farmed from Story Mode stages if needed, check the list here: Story Mode Scroll Drops from Lucky Drops

Farming Pill Bottles with High Luck

Join Multiplayer Mode

   - Join any story mode stage that you and your team can easily complete, this process might take some time, but hey it's free!

Farming Pill Bottles (Suggested Stages)

   - Attack Pill Bottles = Stages 6-7; 7-7 or 8-7
   - Health Pill Bottles = Stages 6-8; 7-4 (you can also farm Naruto); or 7-8

- Complete Drop Acquisition Feature -

Feature Details:
   - Earn Completion Rewards for collecting all characters and items dropped during Missions, as well as the Lucky Drop (if available for that mission).
   - The all-new Lucky Drop is a chance to earn more characters and items depending on your Captain character's Luck! See if you can get it on the Missions Results Screen.
Naruto Blazing: Complete Drop Acquisition Feature
   - For more info, refer to our separate guide here: How to Get Lucky Drops and Completion Rewards

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