Pokemon GO: Best Defensive Type Pokemon - Gym Defenders

Here's a list of notable and popular Gym Defenders used by many Trainers. Ranks are based from their individual stats, best defender move set's overall efficiency vs all types, energy gain to fire up Special Attacks, and more.

Important Note:
   - MewTwo is probably the best Pokemon out there at the moment, but because of it's rarity, I will not include him here, including Mew and those Legendary Birds: Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos.
Pokemon GO: Top Best Offensive Pokemon
- Top Defensive Type Pokemon -
(After Major Re-balance Update: 7/29/16)

*For recommended Move Sets, refer to our Pokemon Lists here:
   - Info List, Type, Resistances, Move Set and More.

Rank #1: Snorlax
Pokemon GO: Snorlax
Type:  Normal 
Eggs: 10km; Evolution: n/a
   - Zen Headbutt got it's energy gain buffed, so it is now useful for attacking, and especially for defending! Combo any of it's fast attacks with Hyper Beam to make your Snorlax a threat.

Rank #2: Lapras
Pokemon GO: Lapras
Type:  Water  Ice 
Eggs: 10km; Evolution: n/a
   - Still one of the best because of it's newly buffed Ice Shard and undodgeable Blizzard!

Rank #3: Dragonite
Pokemon GO: Dragonite
Type:  Dragon  Flying 
Eggs: Dratini (10km); Evolution: Dratini (25) to Dragonair (100)
   - Steel Wing is now a better defender fast attack.

Rank #4: Exeggutor
Pokemon GO: Exeggutor
Type:  Grass  Psychic 
Eggs: Exeggcute (5km); Evolution:  Exeggcute (50)
   - Despite it's many type weaknesses, Exeggutor's high stats and buffed up Zen Headbutt and Solar Beam can really compensate for it. Plus, Vaporeon is still the most common attacker Pokemon around anyway.

Rank #5: Poliwrath
Pokemon GO: Poliwrath
Type:  Water  Fighting 
Eggs: Poliwag (5km); Evolution: Poliwag (25) to Poliwhirl (100)
   - Hey! Poliwrath is now here because of it's buffed up Bubble + Hydro Pump move set!

Rank #6: Arcanine
Pokemon GO: Arcanine
Type:  Fire 
Eggs: Growlithe (5km); Evolution:  Growlithe (50)
   - Arcanine is also back here, now that it's Fire Fang + Fire Blast move set can really take a bite off of your Pokemon HPs fast!

Rank #7: Slowbro
Pokemon GO: Slowbro
Type:  Water  Psychic 
Eggs: Slowpoke (5km); Evolution:  Slowpoke (50)

Rank #8: Venusaur
Pokemon GO: Venusaur
Type:  Grass  Poison 
Eggs: Bulbasaur (2km); Evolution: Bulbsaur (25) to Ivysaur (100)

Rank #9: Vaporeon
Pokemon GO: Vaporeon
Type:  Water 
Eggs: Eevee (10km); Evolution: Eevee (25)
   - Yup, despite it's Water Gun nerf, Vaporeon is still here because of it's nice HP and overall stats. Better watch out of it's Hydro Pumps now!

Rank #10: Wigglytuff
Pokemon GO: Wigglytuff
Type:  Normal  Fairy 
Eggs: Jigglypuff (2km); Evolution: Jigglypuff (50)

Rank #11: Rhydon
Pokemon GO: Rhydon
Type:  Rock  Ground 
Eggs: Rhyhorn (5km); Evolution: Rhyhorn (50)
   - A new Pokemon joins up the top rankings with his newly buffed up "Mud Slap" and "Stone Edge" move set!

Rank #12: Vileplume
Pokemon GO: Vileplume
Type:  Grass  Poison 
Eggs: Oddish (5km); Evolution: Oddish (25) to Gloom (100)

Rank #13: Nidoqueen
Pokemon GO: Nidoqueen
Type:  Poison  Ground 
Eggs: Nidoran♀ (5km); Evolution: Nidoran♀ (25) to Nidorina (100)

Rank #14: Victreebel
Pokemon GO: Victreebel
Type:  Grass  Poison 
Eggs: Bellsprout (5km); Evolution:  Bellsprout (25) to Weepinbell (50)

Rank #15: Muk
Pokemon GO: Muk
Type:  Poison 
Eggs: Grimer (5km); Evolution: Grimer (50)

Rank #16: Golem
Type:  Rock  Ground 
Eggs: Geodude (2km); Evolution:  Geodude (25) to Graveler (100)

Rank #17: Dewgong
Type:  Water  Ice 
Eggs: Seel (5km); Evolution: Seel (50)

Rank #18: Nidoking
Type:  Poison  Ground 
Eggs: Nidoran♂ (5km); Evolution: Nidoran♂ (25) to Nidorina (100)

Rank #19: Clefable
Type:  Fairy 
Eggs: Clefairy (2km); Evolution: Clefairy (50)

Rank #20: Charizard
Type:  Fire  Flying 
Eggs: Charmander (2km); Evolution:  Charmander (25) to Charmeleon (100)

Rank #21: Hypno
Type:  Psychic 
Eggs: Drowzee (5km); Evolution: Drowzee (50)

Rank #22: Gyarados
Type:  Water  Flying 
Eggs: Magikarp (2km); Evolution:  Magikarp (400)

Rank #23: Blastoise
Type:  Water 
Eggs: Squirtle (2km); Evolution: Squirtle (25) to Wartortle (100)

Rank #24: Golduck
Type:  Water 
Eggs: Psyduck (5km); Evolution: Psyduck (50)

Rank #25: Flareon
Type:  Fire 
Eggs: Eevee (10km); Evolution: Eevee (25)

Rank #26: Tentacruel
Type:  Water  Poison 
Eggs: Tentacool (5km); Evolution: Tentacool (50)

Rank #27: Omastar
Type:  Rock  Water 
Eggs: Omanyte (10km); Evolution: Omanyte (50)

Rank #28: Machamp
Type:  Fighting 
Eggs: Machop (5km); Evolution: Machop (25) to Machoke (100)

Rank #29: Kangaskhan
Type:  Normal 
Eggs: 5km; Evolution: n/a

Rank #30: Scyther
Type:  Bug  Flying 
Eggs: 10km; Evolution: n/a

Other Notes:
   - Note that no matter which Pokemon you use for defending gyms, attackers will still have the upper hand because of the current battle mechanics. These Pokemon however, are your best shot to lessen the number of attack attempts.
   - Defending gyms can be won by defeating attackers, win by timeouts, or by draining all of your attacker's potions forcing them to leave.
   - Increase the Prestige Lvl of your Gyms to put in more Pokemon.
   - Place some very high CP Pokemon to make them hesitate to attack, especially Trainers with "untrained eyes".

*Rankings might change in the future depending on new updates or findings.

Recommended Move Sets
   - For the new recommended Move Sets, refer to our Pokemon Lists here: Info List, Type, Resistances, Move Set and More.

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