Pokemon GO: Best Balanced Non-Legendary Pokemon To Catch

This section will cover the most popular Pokemon used by Trainers, but not just that, their Ranks below are also based from how well they perform when attacking rival gyms and how dependable they are for defending a team's gyms. In simple terms, they are the best of both worlds!

Important Note: 
   - MewTwo is probably the best Pokemon out there at the moment, but because of it's rarity, I will not include him here, including Mew and those Legendary Birds: Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos.
Pokemon GO: Top Best Balanced Pokemon
- Top Balanced "Off & Def" Pokemon
(and Recommended Pokemon To Catch!) -

Rank #1: Pidgey, Caterpie, and Weedle!
   - Hahaha! Yup, sure, they can't attack or defend at all but they will probably grab the top of our list as most recommended and favored Pokemon to catch, as the title says hehe. ^^,
   - Anyways, if you've been ignoring them from the start, then maybe you might want to reconsider! These 3 Pokemon can be evolved by only using 12 Candies (3 Candies per catch), and evolving a Pokemon will yield 500 XP (x2 with Lucky Egg activated), so if you want to level up fast, you also need them as your "evolution slaves".

Rank #2: Snorlax
Pokemon GO: Snorlax
Type:  Normal 
Eggs: 10km; Evolution: n/a

Rank #3: Lapras
Pokemon GO: Lapras
Type:  Water  Ice 
Eggs: 10km; Evolution: n/a

Rank #4: Dragonite
Pokemon GO: Dragonite
Type:  Dragon  Flying 
Eggs: Dratini (10km); Evolution: Dratini (25) to Dragonair (100)

Rank #5: Vaporeon
Pokemon GO: Vaporeon
Type:  Water 
Eggs: Eevee (10km); Evolution: Eevee (25)

Rank #6: Exeggutor
Pokemon GO: Exeggutor
Type:  Grass  Psychic 
Eggs: Exeggcute (5km); Evolution:  Exeggcute (50)

Rank #7: Arcanine
Pokemon GO: Arcanine
Type:  Fire 
Eggs: Growlithe (5km); Evolution:  Growlithe (50)

Rank #8: Poliwrath
Pokemon GO: Poliwrath
Type:  Water  Fighting 
Eggs: Poliwag (5km); Evolution: Poliwag (25) to Poliwhirl (100)

Rank #9: Slowbro
Pokemon GO: Slowbro
Type:  Water  Psychic 
Eggs: Slowpoke (5km); Evolution:  Slowpoke (50)

Rank #10: Wigglytuff
Pokemon GO: Wigglytuff
Type:  Normal  Fairy 
Eggs: Jigglypuff (2km); Evolution: Jigglypuff (50)

Rank #11: Venusuar
Pokemon GO: Venusaur
Type:  Grass  Poison 
Eggs: Bulbasaur (2km); Evolution: Bulbsaur (25) to Ivysaur (100)

Rank #12: Muk
Pokemon GO: Muk
Type:  Poison 
Eggs: Grimer (5km); Evolution: Grimer (50)

Rank #13: Nidoqueen
Pokemon GO Nidoqueen
Type:  Poison  Ground 
Eggs: Nidoran♀ (5km); Evolution: Nidoran♀ (25) to Nidorina (100)

Rank #14: Gyarados
Pokemon GO: Gyarados
Type:  Water  Flying 
Eggs: Magikarp (2km); Evolution:  Magikarp (400)

Rank #15: Rhydon
Pokemon GO: Rhydon
Type:  Rock  Ground 
Eggs: Rhyhorn (5km); Evolution: Rhyhorn (50)

Rank #16: Blastoise
Type:  Water 
Eggs: Squirtle (2km); Evolution: Squirtle (25) to Wartortle (100)

Rank #17: Vileplume
Type:  Grass  Poison 
Eggs: Oddish (5km); Evolution: Oddish (25) to Gloom (100)

Rank #18: Charizard
Type:  Fire  Flying 
Eggs: Charmander (2km); Evolution:  Charmander (25) to Charmeleon (100)

Rank #19: Victreebel
Type:  Grass  Poison 
Eggs: Bellsprout (5km); Evolution:  Bellsprout (25) to Weepinbell (50)

Rank #20: Nidoking
Type:  Poison  Ground 
Eggs: Nidoran♂ (5km); Evolution: Nidoran♂ (25) to Nidorina (100)

Rank #21: Golem
Type:  Rock  Ground 
Eggs: Geodude (2km); Evolution:  Geodude (25) to Graveler (100)

Rank #22: Dewgong
Type:  Water  Ice 
Eggs: Seel (5km); Evolution: Seel (50)

Rank #23: Golduck
Type:  Water 
Eggs: Psyduck (5km); Evolution: Psyduck (50)

Rank #24: Clefable
Type:  Fairy 
Eggs: Clefairy (2km); Evolution: Clefairy (50)

Rank #25: Tentacruel
Type:  Water  Poison 
Eggs: Tentacool (5km); Evolution: Tentacool (50)

Rank #26: Hypno
Type:  Psychic 
Eggs: Drowzee (5km); Evolution: Drowzee (50)

Rank #27: Flareon
Type:  Fire 
Eggs: Eevee (10km); Evolution: Eevee (25)

Rank #28: Machamp
Type:  Fighting 
Eggs: Machop (5km); Evolution: Machop (25) to Machoke (100)

Rank #29: Omastar
Type:  Rock  Water 
Eggs: Omanyte (10km); Evolution: Omanyte (50)

Rank #30: Ninetails
Type:  Fire 
Eggs: Vulpix (5km); Evolution: Vulpix (50)

*Rankings above is based from the overall results of their Offensive (Base ATK and Best Move DPS), Defensive (Base Defense and Stamina), and popularity (except Rank #1 hehe).

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