Download the Official Version of Bloodline - Now Out for iOS and Android

Cherry Credits Pte Ltd is proud to announce the official launch of their newest role playing mobile card game: Bloodline: The Last Royal Vampire. Now available to download from the App Store and Google Play.
Release Date: 14th October 2015
The game is based on the popular Japanese manga of the same name, Bloodline follows the exploits of the Last Royal Vampire, Lilo.I and her companion Ron, in their quest to save their loved ones from the militaristic order, the Holyland.

Bloodline is a mobile role-playing card game with emphasis on deep variety of character customization. Assemble a diverse roster of heroes across five job classes: Warrior, Archer, Assassin, Sorcerer, and Priest, and manipulate the elements of nature in order to counter the many threats you will face!

New Features of the Official Version

New Server 3: Oath of Dawn!
   - For a limited period, the daily entry limit for the Child of Forest and Buried Legend events will increase from 2 to 3. Now get out there and loot up when the official launch begins!

Late-Night Supper!
   - More Stamina for your squad. Available during Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays 11PM to 1AM (GMT+8).
   - For the next four weeks starting from the official launch, a bonus log-in reward will be added that’ll give you 50 Stamina each time. Jump into Bloodline during weekends between 11pm to 1am and retrieve your Stamina Refill from your Mailbox.

Official Launch Bonuses!
   - From October 14-21, log-in to Bloodline every day to claim your free Gems, Gold, Crystals, and more.
   - Note: Rewards must be retrieved from your Mailbox everyday during this Promo Period.
   - Once Bloodline officially launches, keep checking the Sign-In Calendar and Daily Tasks every day during the month of October to get your new beefed up rewards.

Job Change System
   - New and existing players can now explore the new Job Change System which is not available during the BETA version. Collect Scrolls from events, to unlock more job classes for your Heroes.
   - The Job Change System is available after reaching Squad Lvl 30 and Hero Lvl 40, for more info, go HERE.

Other Freebies (Must Be Squad Lvl 8)
   - Go to Main Screen > Menu > Redemption Code (Must Be at least Squad Lvl 8).
   - Enter these 3 Codes:
   - Redemption Code: 21755175 = Pre-sign up code, quick while it is available to everyone! This will allow you to collect 120 Gems for the next 30 Days (also works for guest accounts).
   - Free 50k Gold73412036 = Limited time only!
   - Friend Invite CodeF6109505 = To get a free Hero Card "Eagle". If you have friends, you can also use their code instead.
   - Note that you can only enter 1 Redemption Code and 1 Friend Invite Code.
Bloodline Mobile GameplayBloodline Gameplay
In-Game Features
   - Personalize your Heroes and collect over 300 exquisite Hero cards as you face the foes of evil in this comprehensive RPG card battle game!

Collect Over 300 Exquisite Hero Cards
   - Play as a vampire and form your very own powerhouse squad!

Customize Your Heroes
   - You have total control over each Hero’s stats, so you can customize all of them according to your play style!

Exciting Guild Battles
   - Destroy opposing forces in REAL-TIME Guild War battles with friends and guild mates. It’s gonna be pure PVP bloodshed!

Simple To Play, Challenging To Master
   - Strategize and manipulate the elements of nature into your favor in every battle!

In-depth Story line
   - Immerse yourself in the Bloodline lore as you embark on this dark epic adventure.

No More Repetitive Grinding
   - Focus on the excitement of the game with the optional Auto Battle, Raid and Mining systems!

Bloodline in-game features also contains daily challenges, Arena battles, and in-game events. Victory depends on careful squad management and thoroughly leveling up of characters through evolution, fusing, potential awakenings and job growth.

Having a keen understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of every job class and element will be crucial to your quest for domination.

Prepare yourself for a one epic story in Bloodline, which spans dozens of action-packed chapter plots encased within seven massive worlds.
Download Now!
(or Download the APK file HERE)

For Bloodline Beta Players
   - BETA participants will be rewarded with a 3-Star Rae Card* as a token of appreciation.
   - The 3 Star Rae card will be credited to your account (only facebook accounts) within 5 working days after the official launch.

Redeeming Pre-Signup Redemption Codes
   - The Redemption Code Function in Bloodline will become available once you reach Squad Level 8. Enter your Pre-Registration Code to enjoy free Gems!