Bloodline: Lost Wonderland Farmable 4 and 5 Star Heroes

Aside from Materials, Lost Wonderland also drops Heroes that can be maxed up to 4 or 5 Stars. Kindly note that this Event is only available during Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays, resets every 5:00 AM (GMT+8). Lost Wonderland unlocks after reaching Squad Lvl 9.
Bloodline Lost Wonderland
How to Farm Effectively
   - Drop rates are luck based so it might take some time to finally get one. If you are lucky enough, it is possible to get 2 or more cards in one run.
   - Reset Trick: Hit the Menu then Leave Battle if you reached the Boss Stage and didn't get the drops you like, you'll just lose 2 Stamina this way. A good way to conserve your Entry Limit per day too.

Lost Wonderland Lv.1
   -  Dagan  - 2*/3*
   -  Black Jax  - 2*/4* (recommended early game, chance drop is good too)
   -  Wailing Banshee  - 2*/3*
   -  Claw  2*/4* (recommended early game, chance drop is good too)
   -  Nun Rene  2*/3*
   -  Young Dragon  - 2*/4* (recommended early game)

   - You can check their maxed 4*/4* version and skills HERE.

Lost Wonderland Lv.2
   -  Pirate Kate  - 2*/4*
   -  Depleted Golem  - 2*/5* (1st farmable 5 Star Hero, chance drop is good too)
   -  Young Dragon  - 2*/4*
   - The others doesn't drop.

   - You can check their maxed 4*/4* version and skills HERE.
   - For 5 Star Heroes, refer HERE.

Lost Wonderland Lv.3
   - No farmable 4 or 5 Star Heroes here.

Lost Wonderland Lv.4
   - If you have info please share thanks ^^

Lost Wonderland Random Drop
   -  One-eyed Box  2*/4*
   - It's Leader Skill increases the gold obtained in battle, might be good for the "Buried Legend" Event.
Bloodline One Eyed Box
What Are Farmable Heroes
   - Heroes that you can possibly max just by farming them then upgrading. It will take some time yes, but at least it won't rely on summon chances, best of all it's free. 

   - TIP for F2P Players: A team of 4* Heroes is better than having Heroes that can be maxed up to 5* but can't even evolve to 4* due to insufficient duplicates.

Newbie Tip: How To Reach Their 4*/4* Version
   - Example: we want to farm and upgrade Black Jax 2*/4* to 4*/4*

Step 1
   - Farm 1 Black Jax 2*/4* then max his Lvl and evolve him to Slayer Jax 3*/4*. This will be your main one, so continue and increase his Lvl.

Step 2:
   - Once your Slayer Jax 3*/4* is close to Lvl 35, Farm another Black Jax 2*/4* then max his Lvl and evolve him to Slayer Jax 3*/4* (no need to Lvl up this duplicate).

Step 3
   - Max your main Slayer Jax 3*/4* to Lvl 35 then EVOLVE him to Jax the Savage 4*/4* using the duplicate and other materials required.

   - Congratulations, you now have a nice 4*/4* Hero to use. Note that even if they are just 4 Star Heroes, they are still useful. One example is the class restricted dungeons where you need 5 warriors to make things easier.

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