Bloodline: Hero Job Class Bonuses and How to Change Jobs

In Bloodline, every Hero has it's own Job Class. Job Class cannot be changed, however, Heroes can advance their Job Class to a 2nd Job type of similar Job Class. After Job change, Heroes will gain different stat bonuses that can be increased by upgrading their class rank.
Bloodline Job Change
- Base Jobs and Passive Bonuses -

   - Increased chances of being hit, but has 5% damage reduction.

   - Critical rate increases by 8%.

   - Increase damage by 10% when in full HP.

   - Ultimate Skill damage increases by 10%.

   - Gain 7 Fury at the end of each round.

- 2nd Job Advancements and Bonuses -

Every Hero will have at least 2 types of Job Advancement Paths. After Job Change, your Hero will receive a big boost to their 4 main attributes. You may strengthen your Hero further using the Energy earned from Job Change Dungeons.

   - War God (based from in-game help): Huge chance of increase enemy’s Hit rate; 5% reduction in damage dealt; 10% reduction in damage taken.
   - War God (based from actual Lvl 40 Warrior): Increase CRI, reduce damage by 5%, reduce damage received by 10%.
   - Life Drinker: Damage dealt increased by 10%; Damage received decreased by 10%.

   - Shadow Dancer: CRI rate increased by 10%; CRI damage received decreased slightly.
   - Ghost Blade: CRI rate increased by 25%, ULT skill damage decreased by 25%.
   - Ninja: Damage and CRI rate increased by 10%, DEF decreased by 20%.
   - Soul Addict: When enemy’s HP is less than 35%, 25% increase in damage taken and CRI ATK rate.

   - Arrow Master: 30% chance of reducing enemy’s DEF during ATK for 1 turn.
   - Scout: When HP is full, 10% increase in damage dealt and CRI ATK rate.

   - Sorcerer: Fury damage increased by 20%.
   - Mage: Gain 20% HP after killing an enemy, raises CRI ATK rate by 20% for next round.

   - Divine Messenger: Recover 10 Fury Point for every turn; Slightly enhance cure effect.
   - Archon: DEF and REC increased by 10% for all squad members.
   - Martial Arts Mistress: Damage dealt increased by 15%, REC decreased by 30%.

*Note: Based from the in-game help menu, there are more hidden jobs besides the ones mentioned above.

- The Job Change System and Requirements -

Job Change Requirements
Your Hero is qualified for a Job Change if the following criteria is met:
   - Squad Level 30 (to unlock the "Head Hunter Warlords" Event.)
   - Hero Level 40 (a new "Job Change" option will appear on your Hero's Stat screen.)
   - Job Change Scrolls is required. Each Job has its own specific Job Change Scroll. Job Change Scrolls can be obtained through the Job Change Dungeon.
Bloodline Job Change Scrolls
Job Change Dungeons
   - The "Head Hunter Warlords" event is a class-restricted instance.
   - Example: If you want to enter the Warrior Job Change Dungeon, you need to have at least 1 Lvl 15 Warrior Class Hero. Add up to 5 Warrior Class Heroes if you have more.

   - Job Change Scrolls are used to fulfill the Job Change Requirements of your Hero.
   - Energy are used to "Power Up" your Hero's 2nd Job Class further.
   - Unlock higher difficulty stages to earn more per run.

*More info here soon after they unlock the Job Change feature during official launch.

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