Bloodline: 4 Stars Water Element Heroes and Skills: ULT, Talent, and Leader

Here's a list of Skills for all 4 Stars Water Element Heroes in Bloodline: The Last Royal Vampire mobile game. If you want to know the new skill set of your 4* heroes after evolving them from 3*, or if you are looking for a nice Water Hero to add to your team, then you may refer here for information.
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Saint Amy
   - Mermaid Tear II: Amy summons the Watery Embrace, healing a very small amount of HP to all party members for 2 rounds.
   - Deep Sea II: Amy masters the continuous healing method, regaining 20% of Fury after using ULT Skill.
   - Divine Hand II: Healing of all party members increase by 30%.
Dictator Belle
   - Sea of Wisdom II: Belle transforms into an ice cone and deals severe Water Element damage to a single enemy, and freeze their blood, causing crit rate is reduced by 20%.
   - Ice Source II: The Ice Cold Air released by Belle increases the CRI hit rate of WAter Element Squad mates by 10%.
   - Mat. Acquire II: All party members with full Fury will cause 35% more damage.
Captain Kate
   - Ice Anchor II: Summon Arctic Ice Needles to attack enemies, dealing moderate Water Element damage to all enemies.
   - No Mercy II: Kate uses a sword-and-gun combination to attack the enemy, with CRI hit rate increased by 15%.
   - Lucky Coin II: Kate guides the treasure, causing gold obtained in battle to be increased by 20%.
Hunter Kira
   - Target Field II: Tracking missile type "Mark II" rains a shower of bullets upon the enemy, dealing moderate Water Element damage.
   - ULT Special II: Kira, equipped with a gun cannon and "Most Evil Bullet Ever", has ULT Skill damage augmented by 20%.
   - Preemptive II: Before the round starts, party members with full HP will cause 45% more damage.
Crystal Sha
   - Ice Arrow II: Sha shoots two Frost Arrows, freezing the enemy's veins and dealing severe Water Element damage.
   - Blood Talent II: Sha fires a Vampiric Arrow, with 15% of damage caused transformed for her healing.
   - Ice Rage II: All Water Element party members cause 35% more damage.
Royal Soldier
   - Hope Origin II: Benfo bathes in the Circle of Healing, restoring a moderate amount of HP to the 3 party members with least HP.
   - Treatment II: Light Soldier carries a first aid box with her: healing consumes 25% Fury.
   - First Aid II: Party members whose HP is lower than 50% before the battle will have their REC rate increase by 60% for this round.
Dragon Tyrant
   - Water Bomb II: Summon 3 tidal shock waves, dealing minor Water Element damage to all enemies.
   - Dragon Rise II: Growth of the Dragon Race: elemental gain at level up is increased by 15% with EXP gained post-battle increased by 75%.
   - Ice Rage II: All Water Element party members cause 35% more damage.

Other Notes
   - Ult Skill: An Active Skill that is available when Hero's Fury bar is full. Can be upgraded through Fusion using Skill Mats, or Heroes with Similar Skill Type (Single. AoE, or Healing).
   - Talent: A Passive Skill that appears after reaching the required Number of Stars (mostly 3 Stars) and unlocks depending on the required Lvl of the Hero.
   - Leader Skill: A Passive Skill that activates once a Hero is selected as Leader or Ally. The effect still works even if the Leader or Ally has been defeated.

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