ZENONIA S: Rifts in Time - NEW Monster Wave Info and Tips

Monster Wave opens at Lvl 10, and it requires 3 [Battle Stamina] per attempt, and 1 [Daily Entrance] per successful attempt. You will be given 1 minute and 30 seconds to clear and survive many waves as you can.
Rewards can be [Gold], [Upgrade Stones], and [ZEN!]
   - The best source to earn lots of free Gold and Zen!
Free Zen will be given once you complete a difficulty stage the first time, complete all of them to get a total of 210 Zen or more if you can complete higher stages! The best part is, Monster Wave difficulty stages resets per week, giving you more free Zen!

- Monster Wave: The New Upgrade Stones -

Farming Upgrade Stones
   - This should be your main priority once you complete your Zen farming, and possibly only the reason now why you want to clear Monster Waves, especially at higher Lvls.

   - Sunday = Accessory Stones
   - Monday = Shield Stones
   - Tuesday = Weapon Stones
   - Wednesday = Shield Stones
   - Thursday = Accessory Stones
   - Friday = Shield Stones
   - Saturday = Weapon Stones

What Are These Stones?

   - It is used to to upgrade your gear's Grade Lvl (ex: A to S), to make them stronger.
   - For more info go here: Enhancing, Tier Up, and Upgrading Item Gears

Strategy for Farming
   - Rush and reach the highest Difficulty available, and stay and farm there. For low level players, just reach what you can and at least wipe 1 wave to clear a level and receive the rewards.

   - When the battle starts, just try and clear 1 wave, if you still can't clear it, go to the lower level to farm. Don't worry, if you fail, you will not lose your [Daily Entrance] ticket, just the 3 Battle Stamina.

   - When the 2nd wave starts, quickly move and stick to the sides and corners while running around the map. If you think you can clear the wave, then go on, if not, then just continue running around.
   - No need to Attack or use Dash, because it will sometimes make your character lag a little bit. Don't worry if the monsters catches you, they will lag too anyways because of their attack animations.
   - Now, just wait for the timer to expire.

Monster Wave Trick: Stone Farming
   - By manipulating the time where the day changes in the game, and the time where the server resets and gives you additional 3 tickets, you can actually get more stones that you need.

Shield Stones Farming
   - Follow in order and assuming you are farming under Difficulty Lv. 6.
   - Sunday = Today is an Accessory Stone day.
   - Wait for 11PM (GMT+8) to let the game advance to the next day, which is Monday = Shield Stone day.
   - Now, use available entries (x3) to farm Shield Stones from 11PM (GMT+8) to 3AM (GMT+8). Yes, before the server resets, and you only have a 4 hours window to do this.
   - Next, after the server resets at 3AM (GMT+8), your available entries will refresh back to x3. Use that again to farm more Shield Stones!

Shield Stones
   - Do the method above every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday, and you'll be able to get 108 Shield Stones per week!

Weapon Stones
   - Do the method above every Monday and Friday, and you'll be able to farm 72 Weapon Stones per week!

Accessory Stones
   - Do the method above every Wednesday and Saturday, and you'll be able to farm 72 Accessory Stones per week!

*Note: Reset time might change due to daylight savings time.

Farming Gold and Points

   - Your least priority, just reach what you can while farming Upgrade Stones.

Clearing Waves
   - Note: You need to clear at least 1 wave and survive to get Gold and Ranking Points.

   - Just clear and reach the highest waves you can per difficulty stage, or farm on the stage with the highest Gold you can generate.
   - AoE skills really works best here, mob them all up then fire your skills.

   - If you know that you can't survive the next wave, do this:
   - Clear your current wave, then just run around in the next wave.
   - or clear some monsters around until you have 1 or 2 left, when the timer is below 10 or 5 seconds, kill them, this way, your progress will end on the next wave, giving you more Ranking Points.

Ranking Rewards
   - Your Rank is based on the total Ranking Points you gathered.
   - Total Ranking Points is the total of all "Best Scores" you have per difficulty stage.
   - Go to the "Ranking Rewards" section to check your current Rank and expected Reward after the season or week. Note though that rewards varies depending on the current in-game event.

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