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Phantom Breakers is an exciting online action RPG (ARPG) presented by Unalis Tech, available on the App Store and Google Play. Kill everything you see, the craziest ARPG in the world!
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Phantom Breakers: General FAQs -

Creating Hero

There are four heroes in Phantom Breaker, Warrior, Mage, Hunter, and Monk.

Warrior: A vanguard in the battlefield; master of swards; good at close combats.
Mage: Good at elemental spells, with a Staff to improve the spell’s power.
Hunter: The best archer, with the best mobility and furthest attack range.
Monk: Wearing gloves; master of martial arts; good at 1v1 combats.

Besides choosing hero, there are 4 portraits of each hero class for you to choose and of course, you can choose male or female hero. And you can have up to 10 heroes in an account.

Click your portrait, you can find couple info

- Bag: All the items and equipments you get will go to your bag. There’re 5 pages in the bag and each page has 20 slots. In the beginning, you’ll get page 1 (20 slots) in the beginning. And you can use gold to get page 2 (20 slots), as for page 3-5 (60 slots), you need to use diamonds to get them. To use equipments, just tap the equipment in the bag. If you have same type of equipment equipped, tap change to equip it. If not, just tap equip to put it on. There’re 10 types of equipments, try your best to get them in the battles and use them to enhance your stats.

- Hero: Here you can check all your stats and how your equipments help you to be stronger.

- Quest: Complete quests to get EXP, Gold and rewards. Here you can get info of the quests undone, acceptable, and done. If you forget what to do and who to talk with of the quest, just tap Navigation, the system will guide you to complete your work.

- Skills: Different hero class has different skills. Reach certain level to learn new skills. You can equip up to 5 skills, and the first 3 skills are free to equip, the rest two, it takes diamonds to unlock and equip them. As the level get higher, it takes more gold to learn the new skill.

- Talent: To enhance your stats, you need talents’ help. When level up, you can get talent point and you can use it to learn talents. Arrange your talent point well to get strongest stats. You can also reset your talents.

- Social: Meet your new friends here.

- Beast: You’ll have a beast helping you in the battles. At the Beast, you can check how can your beast help you and help it to have more skills.

- Soul: Here you can check your soulpower status, break soul ceiling, save soulpower, get free soul once a day and go to Soul System.

Tap the cross on the lower right corner, you’ll see more functions

- Team Up: Create a team with your friends to fight in the Team Tournament in PVP.

- Soul System: Here you can use soul to upgrade Beast Skill or Player Skill. But before infusing, make sure you have enough soul.

- Mail: In mail system, you can receive or send mails from other players.

- PVP: There’re 3 options in Arena, Free Battles, Individual Tournament, and Team Tournament. In free battles, you’ll be sent to a room where you can fight with other players.

- NPC: Here you can see both Function and Quest NPC. Just tap their name to find them and talk to them.

- Realm: In Realm Exploration, you can use diamonds to explore for different items to enhance your equipments or get portions.

- Smithy: You can repair or craft your equipment in Smithy.
- 1. Repair: Repair grants full durability to equipment.
- 2. Disenchant: Disenchantment grants 1-3 pieces of the same level with the equipment.
- 3. Craft: Pieces can be crafted to a random equipment of the same level and quality. The higher quality, the more pieces required.
- 4. Piece Grade-up: Consume several equipment pieces to upgrade to a higher quality og the same level. The higher the quality, the more pieces are needed for grade-up. The highest grade is purple.
- 5. Piece Level-up: Use several item pieces to upgrade to a higher level piece with the same quality. Higher level of item pieces requires more item pieces.

- Enhancer: Here you can enhance your equipments.
- 1. Enhance: Enhanced increase attack, defense, HP steal and PVP durability. Enhance level may decrease when enhance is failed. When all equipment in use reach +7, you will get enhanced suit reward and bonus attributes.
- 2. Identify: Identification could activate hidden attributes. Diamonds can be used repeatedly to refresh the value of identified attribute.
- 3. God Bless: Equipment can get unique God Bless effect via consuming certain God Bless materials. Only upgraded equipment can receive 4. God Bless. God Bless effect can be previewed.

- Jewel: Here you can check gems you have and use them.
- 1. Inlay: Gems will only work after being inlaid. Only equipment with empty slots can be inlaid with gems. 1 slot for 1 gem. More slots can be gained via drilling.
- 2. Drill: You can get up to 4 slots via drilling. The more slots the equipment has, the lower success rate for drilling. Failed drilling will not affect the equipment’s attributes.
- 3. Craft: 3 low level gems of the same kind can be crafted into high level gem. Higher level gems will offer more attributes (Max level is 10). Gem crafting grants higher level gems for sure.
- 4. Remove: You can spend diamonds to remove the inlaid gems from a equipment. Choose a equipment first, then remove the unwanted gems from it.
- 5. Gem Upgrade: Inlaid Gems can be upgraded directly. Gem upgrading consumes another 2 gems of the same kind. Gem upgrading grants higher level gem for sure.

- Guild: In the Guild, you can check guild info and manage your guild.

In the main page, there’re several icons

- Store: You can buy items as well as fashion and wings. Some items require diamonds to get. For more diamond, please top-up.

- Bonus: There’re two bonus rewards available, Online Prize and Daily Login. For Online Prize, after certain time, you’ll get special prizes. As for Daily Login, you’ll have a chance to spin the prize. Login continuously and get more chance in spinning.

- Events: You can get info of all the special events here.

- Energy: To go into battles you need energy. Maximum energy is 1000, and different battle requires different amount of energy.

- VIP: By topping up to certain amount of diamonds, you’ll increase your VIP level. VIPs can get special privileges and rewards.

- Service: Provide info of our support department and customer service.

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