ZENONIA S: Rifts in Time - New Equipment System - Tiers and Recycles

Starting from v1.0.8, the New Equipment Tier System will be implemented. So far my first impression is... it will greatly affect the current meta game of ZENONIA S. Lower Lvl VIP players and hackers might/can exploit this.
- The New Equipment System -

First, The Labels
After the v1.0.8 Update, Existing Equipment Levels will be removed, and will be replaced with Tier Lvls.

 Tier Up /  Tier Up 
   - The item's Tier Lvl can be increased, example: Tier 1 to Tier 2, and so on. The item's Grade Lvl remains the same.
   - The item's Grade Lvl can be increased, example: Grade D to Grade C, and so on. The item's Tier Lvl remains the same.
   - The LIMIT for the item, the only way now is to Upgrade the item to the next Grade. So if you want to Upgrade your item to the next Grade Lvl, you must hit it's Tier Up LIMIT first.
Tier Limits and Upgrades
   - Grade D = must reach Tier 2 first, to upgrade the Grade.
   - Grade C = must reach Tier 4 first, to upgrade the Grade.
   - Grade B = must reach Tier 6 first, to upgrade the Grade.
   - Grade A = must reach Tier 8 first, to upgrade the Grade.
   - Grade S = must reach Tier 10 first, to upgrade the Grade.

This can be unlocked once your item reached Max Enhance (5/5).

Example Scenarios

   - A Grade D - Tier 0 equipment cannot be Upgraded, you may only Tier Up this item. Once your item hits Tier 2, you reached it's limit. You must now Upgrade your item to the next Grade Lvl to unlock the Tier Up option again.

   - If you get a Tier 6 - Grade C equipment, you can't do anything other than upgrading it to Grade B then Grade A. If you still want to use the same item, then Tier Up that item until Tier 8, then upgrade again to Grade S, and so on.

How to Upgrade or Tier Up My Item?
   - For more info, go here: Enhancing, Tier Up, and Upgrading Item Gears

- The New Feature: Recycle System -

Recycle System
   - You may lower the item Grade or Tier though Recycle system. Any expense to increase the grade/tier won't be reimbursed..
First, The Labels

 Can't Recycle 
   - The cap or limit where your item is no longer allowed to go down. Example: If you have a Grade C - Tier 5 item, you can use Recycle to make it a Grade C - Tier 4 item. After that, your item can't be Recycled.
 Tier Down 
   - Your item's Tier Lvl is allowed to be Recycled, example: Grade D - Tier 5 item can be Recycled to make it a Grade D - Tier 4 item. (Chart Above: from Bottom to Top).
   - Your item's Grade Lvl is allowed to be Recycled, example: a Grade S - Tier 7 item can be Recycled to make it a Grade A - Tier 7 item. (Chart Above: from Right to Left).
   - After that, your item can't be Recycled further.

So Why Recycle?

   - Based from the info Gamevil released so far, Recycling will help you get the items needed to upgrade the Grade Lvl of your items. They said: "Same grade and tier equipment will be used."

Upgrading Grades with 2 Identical Equipment
   - If I have a Grade B - Tier 6 item, I'll be needing another Grade B Tier 6 of the same item to upgrade it. So, if I have a Grade A - Tier 5 item, I can't use it to upgrade. I need to Recycle it to Grade B - Tier 5 first then upgrade it's Tier to Lvl 6...this is NOT recommended but some situations requires it.

Recycle to Change the Prefix of Items
   - Prefixes are words included into your item's names, and it will determine which SET they belong.
   - Set Item Prefixes: Destroyer, Duelist, Adventurer, and GuardianTranscendentalist is a rare prefix only upon upgrading to A, S or SS. If ever you get one, keep it, lock it!

   - Example: If you were able to obtain a Grade A- Tier 5 item but it's Prefix isn't what you like, then you need to Recycle (separate) the item. Tier Up your Grade B item to Tier 6 to hit the limit then upgrade it's Grade Lvl back to Grade A using the "2 Identical Equipment option".
   - Hopefully, you will be able to get the Prefix you like, if not, the only way now is to upgrade it to Grade S, since you can no longer Recycle.
   - Yeah, it's really hard...

Other Notes
   - Always remember, if you used the Tier Up or Upgrade option, that item can no longer be Recycled. The only items that can be recycled are those fresh drops, some event rewards, and items that are within the Tier Down or Separate Zone.
   - When downgrading equipment through Recycle process, it will be lowered to the same Set or Prefix.
   - When Recycling to C, A, and S Grades, Set stats will decrease, equipment names will also change.

The Bottom Point
   - It's better to complete the Set Type/Prefix you like early game, start from Grade B or A depending on your resources and gain, then upgrade their Grades using Upgrade Stones only, to maintain their Prefixes.
   - Think of it like this: Your early items are your late game items also.

Why They Implemented Item Locks
   - The problem with Upgrade Stones is that, it's very scarce, the requirements are high, and can only be farmed from the Monster Waves...so you might still need to upgrade separate items using the "2 Identical Equipment" method.
   - Lock your main gears and items for upgrading.

   - Example: I have a Grade B-Tier 6 Adventurer item, my main and it is equipped. I want to upgrade it to Grade A, but I don't want to gamble since it will ruin my set if it turns out bad. Instead, this time, I will farm or create 2 or more Grade B-Tier 6 identical items with any prefixes.
   - To avoid using them as enhancing materials, selling or salvaging, it would be safe to lock them all up. Once I'm ready to gamble, unlock them and upgrade, hopefully I will be able to get a Grade A Adventurer item (25% chance)...sigh...good luck with this new equipment system.

   - Those Grade A items that failed to get an Adventurer Prefix, can still be used for later though, so it's not a waste.

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