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Crusaders Quest is an epic 16-Bit RPG presented by NHN Entertainment Corp., Collect and command over 200 heroes, time your taps for real-time puzzle battles, and defeat waves of monsters in an epic quest to save the Goddesses before they fall to the power of the Apostles!
- Crusaders Quest: General In-Depth Guides -

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Crusaders Quest: General FAQs -

What are the different types of classes?
   - There's a Total of 6 classes, each class type and characteristics are listed below.

   - [Class Type and Characteristics]
   - Warrior: Expert in close combat, has a strong close combat skill and physical attacks.
   - Paladin: With a background in resistance using high level magic, it specializes in disarming enemies and protecting allies.
   - Archer: Can attack enemies' rear and is extremely skilled in continuous attacks.
   - Hunter: Specializes in attacking one opponent.
   - Wizard: Has a variety of function based skills and a strong long range attack.
   - Priest: Has variety of skills such as being able to heal allies' staminas that can help during battles.

How can heroes level up?
   - Heroes can level up only if they gain experience through all the training levels. After the training has been completed, go to [Manage Heroes > Level up] and use the selected amount of "Honors" to level up.

   - Once a hero levels up, its rank is increased by 1.

   - From Rank 1 - 3, when the heroes level up, they will stay within the same class but level up to a random hero appearance a rank level higher. From Rank 4 to Rank 6, the hired hero's class can change as well and they can become a completely different class than they were before.

Where do I get a hero?
   - Heroes can be acquired through contracts at the store, clearing a stage, levelling up, and through quests. Also, heroes can be purchased with gold through nomadic merchants.

How do I use the skills?
   - Skills can be used by pressing the skills blocks. If you collect the same skills and use them at the same time, a much stronger skill is activated.
   - You must collect up to 3 skill blocks in order to use them all at once.

What's passive?
   - All heroes who are ranked 4th or higher are given the "passive" effect.
   - There are two types of passive effects: "Main Force" and "Assistive Force"

   - It is difficult to activate the main force passive. The assistive force is easy to activate and is effective in overcoming the weaknesses when using 1-chain.

How do I use the goddess's skills?
   - Goddess skills can be used when the goddess's skill gage is filled up to the required amount, use by touching anywhere above the skill block list

   - Goddess skill gage can be recharged by using the skill blocks. The more you collect and use the faster it recharges the gage.

How do I acquire and use special skills and higher level special skills?
   - Special skills can be learned at 3rd Rank, Higher level special skills at 5th Rank. Once the SP is filled up by using regular skill blocks, special/ higher level special skill blocks will be created
   - Select the created special skill blocks to use.

What is an "Honor" and how do I acquire and when do I use it?
   - Honors are used to level up and learning skills.
   - Can be collected by selling heroes, and receiving rewards from the quest or battle rooms.
   - Can send and receive honors to and from friends once a day.

What is the Battle Room?
   - A dungeon where you can fight a different opponent and must continue to fight until one side loses.
   - You will need the PvP ticket in order to fight.
Within one hour of using this ticket, if you win 10 times in a row, you can fight for an infinite amount of times.

   - If you win, you can win league points, honors, meat, and etc.

What is the World Boss?
   - Can enter the raid contents after clearing 24 stages in the desert scenario.
   - After spending the required amount of meat, you can enter and acquire higher ranked weapons

What is the dungeon key?
   - It is a good needed to enter the ancient dungeon.
   - Once used, it recharges 1key every 20 minutes
   - You can also purchase it using gold from the nomadic merchant.

What is a ticket?
   - The tickets are needed to enter the Battle Room.
   - Once you use a ticket, you can use the Battle Room for an unlimited amount for 1 hour.

What is a meat?
   - It is a good needed to enter a scenario.
   - It recharges 1 meat every 10 minutes, and are used up by the requested amount at each stage.
   - Meat can be acquired through a PvP win, or immediately acquire them by purchasing a certian amount of meat using gems.

How do I acquire weapons?
   - You can acquire weapons if you clear a stage with a certain percentage.
   - Also, you can acquire high class weapons through the World Boss contents and through the nomadic merchant using gold.

How do I acquire bread?
   - You can acquire bread by clearing a stage, through the ancient dungeon, and through the bakery store owner, Chocolat, and is used during heroes training.

What is the Ancient Dungeon?
   - The Ancient Dungeon is a special dungeon that can only be entered after clearing the 1st Desert Scenario Stage. Unlike the scenario, you must use the 'Dungeon Key' in order to enter.

   - Compared to the regular dungeons, you can acquire a lot more variety of items in the ancient dungeons, and can test your abilities as you increase the level.

   - In the Ancient Dungeon, the dungeons allowed to enter may change depending on the time.

Whats the probability of succeeding?
   - The probability of successfully completing the training. Once you succeed in the training, it increases by 1.5x.

   - The probability of success is the sum of the bread used during training, and the closer it is to 100%, the higher the success rate.

*Source: Full Credits and Thanks to FAQ for the Official FAQs.

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