ZENONIA S: Rifts in Time - Fairies Info and Tips

Fairies are your little companions in your ZENONIA adventures, they can give extra stat bonuses, active buffs, and more. To learn which Fairy is the best for your playing-style, refer below for more info.
- Fairies Info and Tips -

How To Get More Fairies?
   - The best way is to farm them from the Arena:
   - Arena Victory Rewards will randomly drop Grade D Fairy Coupons.
   - Arena V Pts Ranking Rewards will give Rank D to S Fairy Coupons, depending on your rank after the season ends (1 week).

   - Fairy Coupons can also be obtained from various mission rewards, or can be purchased from the Shop using ZEN (optional).

How To Evolve Fairies?

   - You can evolve a fairy by enhancing them, and evolution will take place every after 10 levels.
   - Use other unused fairies to enhance your main fairy, or save them for the Evolution process.
   - Main gears and accessories can also be used but will only generate smaller percentage, use it only at lower Grades if you want.
   - Your best choice is to Enhance them by using Fairy Dusts, farm them the Fairy Tower.

   - Update Patch v1.1.0
   - You will no longer lose EXP for using an existing fairy as material for a new fairy.
   - Based on the same grade. When a Lv. 40 Fairy is used as material for a Lv. 1 Fairy, the result will be Lv. 40.
   - Once you reach the next milestone, the Evolution button will be active.
   - Use other fairies to evolve them, aim for 85% to 100% chance.
   - Note: If you have a Lvl 1 Grade A Fairy, the next evolution will take place at Lvl 40.

   - Depending on the Grade, new stats or an active buff will be added after evolving.
   - Passive 1Grade CGrade B or higher
   - Passive 2Grade S or higher
   - Passive 3Grade SS
   - BuffGrade A or higher

   - Existing stats will also increase after evolving.
   - Note: If you have a Lvl 1 Grade A Fairy, stats will increase at Lvl 11, 21, and 31.
   - Remember though, that it is best to choose a fairy with a nice overall stat bonuses, over their Grade Lvls.

2 Types of Fairies
Zenonia S Fairy
   - ATK Type: higher elemental ATK, but lower elemental DEF.
   - DEF Type: higher elemental DEF, but lower elemental ATK.
   - As stated above, If the difference between elemental ATK and DEF is large, there is a higher chance for debuffs and longer duration.

Fairies' Elemental Attacks and Defense

Trigger Chance: Status effects will trigger on hit, so characters with higher attack rate will benefit more.
Zenonia S Elemental Attacks
   - Fire Fairy
   - Skill: Inflicts Burn Effect to a target, dealing DoT burn damages.
   - Target turns to color red.
   - Can be a nice fairy for characters with high damages, proc-rate is high too, but not so popular at the moment.

   - Ice Fairy
   - Skill: Slows down a target, also disables dash.
   - Target turns to color blue.
   - Also a nice alternative fairy for ranged characters, and the proc-rate is high too.

   - Holy Fairy
   - Skill: Stuns a target for a few seconds, unable to use skills or move.
   - Target turns to a dark color.
   - Popular fairy, especially for PVP.

   - Dark Fairy
   - Skill: Inflicts a Confuse Effect to a target, inverting all controls.
   - Target turns to a purple color.
   - Can be an alternative to Holy Fairy. Popular fairy for PvE with better proc rate than Holy Fairy.

Other Fairy Rumors

Grade and Lvl of Fairy Affects EXP Gain
   - You can see this tip from the loading screens before, but some of my friends said that it is no longer working. They tested it by transferring their Grade S fairy to a low Lvl character, the EXP gained was the same.

Fairy's ATK and DEF
   - DEF Fairies can reduce the damages taken, example: Using an Ice Fairy DEF will reduce the Ice elemental attacks of some Chapter 9 monsters.

Fairy's ATK and DEF
   - Higher ATK rating will increase the chance to inflict a negative status.
   - Higher DEF rating will reduce the chance of getting a negative status.

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