Heroes Charge: Chapter 13 Guild Raid Heroes and Teams

This section will cover Guild Raid Chapter XIII - The Swamp. To start raiding, Join a guild with a good number of active raiders, then unlocks and complete Chapter 13 from Campaign Normal Mode to join Chapter XIII - The Swamp Guild Raid!

Guild Raid: Chapter Selection -


Chapter XIII Raid: Boss Stage -

Crystal Titan is a Lvl 94 boss that can cast various skills to deal huge single and AoE laser attacks. Around 1:15, Crystal Titan will cast a Shield that will give +500 Enhanced Attack and +99,999 HP to your team once destroyed. After that, the boss will knock your team back and starts to summon hero images to take damages.

The key here is to survive the first 20 seconds and destroy the Shield by using all magic based Ultimate Skills around 1:10 ("battle time"). Death Mage is one of the notable heroes that can greatly help break the Shield ("immune to physical attacks").

Sample Team Formations
   - 1 Tank and 4 DPS
   - 0 Tank and 5 DPS

Tank Heroes
   - Ancient Protector (off-tank DPS hero)
   - Drunken Master
   - Cloud Walker
   - Savage One

DPS Heroes
   - Arcane Sapper (also a nice shield breaker)
   - Cloud Walker
   - Death Mage (notable shield breaker, recommended 4*/5* Orange)
   - Fallen Dominion
   - Lunar Guardian
   - Machinist (also a nice shield breaker)
   - Ninja Assassin
   - Rifleman
   - Shadowleaf
   - Summoner
   - Sword Master

Control Heroes
   - Imperial Executioner (if lower lvls need CC)

Support Heroes
   - Tusked Storm

Labeling Guide
   - Highly Recommended Heroes = Popular raid heroes for this chapter.
   - Possible Alternatives = Nice heroes that can be mixed or used as alternatives to the recommended ones.

Team Compositions
   - Refer to the comments section below for sample team compositions.
   - Got some nice raiding team/s for this stage? Why not share them below!
   - Include Lvl of heroes, stars, Expected Total Damage (ETD), and more.

Friendly Reminders:
   - Rent heroes you need from the Mercenary Camp, if they don't have the hero you are looking for, try to ask nicely, someone might lend you one.
   - Help and speak to your guildmates to know what they need too. Don't think of them as your competition, -- cooperation, teamwork, and strategy matters a lot here.
   - To get items, select "Loot" and queue for the item you want.

To Newbie Guild Leaders and Officers:
   - Your guild has to finish the current chapter before moving on to the next one. Never reset an unfinished raid!
   - Always do the top 2 or 3 available Chapters, depending on your guild's kill rate and points gain rate.
   - Reset the highest chapter, then reset any Chapter you like with the remaining points. You must also check your queues to help you choose which chapters to reset.
   - Ignore the 7 days completion bonus, do not reset or spend your points just to complete them on time.

Final Notes:
   - Heroes with Legendary Skills are NOT considered here for now to give mid to near high level players a better and accurate options. I will consider them if needed.

   - These are not the only heroes out there that can be used. I probably missed some Heroes that are also useful, but the above heroes should be enough. Learn, experiment, and share. Good Luck Guys!~ ^^

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