Heroes Charge: Hero Lvl 90 - New Legendary Quest Skills

How to get a Legendary Skill? First, your hero must reach level 90 with Orange promotion, farm and craft the "special gear" of your hero to open a series of legendary quests specific to that hero. Upon completion, the hero will be transformed into a Legendary hero with a new Legendary skill and fancy visual effects.

Hero Name
   - LS: Legendary Skill (unlocked after completing all legendary quests of the hero at Lvl 90.)
   - ???: Info is based from the Chinese servers, and all values below are from maxed Legendary Skills. If  you have info for the official skill descriptions, kindly share, thanks ^^
- All "Front Line Area" Heroes -

   - The Originals: Heroes with the medal (The Originals) can get HP enhancement (+3960 HP).
   - The Originals: Admiral, Emberstar, Leaves Shadow, Lightning Master, and Chaplain.

Arcane Sapper
   - ?????: Not Yet Released

Ancient Protector
   - ?????: Not Yet Released

Bear Warrior
   - ?????: Marks an enemy for 7 seconds (refreshes per attack including US). Marked enemies get additional 630 damage from Bear Warrior's attacks (stackable, maximum of 5 times).

   - The Axe Power: Heroes with the medal (Axe Gang) can get Strength enhancement (+180 Strength).
   - Axe Gang: Brute, Death Bringer (ucool changed it), Dwarf Warrior, Iron Hoof, Lightning Master, Tusked Storm, and Vanguard Warrior.

   - ?????: Divine Light (GS) also increases the Armor of the target by 270 for 20 seconds.

   - ?????: Commander enhances all friendly female heroes' maximum health by 3600.
   - All Female Heroes!

Crossed Knight
   - ?????: Not Yet Released

Death Bringer
   - ?????: Demon heroes get additional 180 armor.
   - Demon Type: Death Bringer, Fallen Dominion, Ferryman, and Succubus.

   - ?????: Not Yet Released

Death Knight
   - ?????: Not Yet Released

Depths Voice
   - Phantom Dodge: Dodges incoming attacks and then creates a phantom to help fight (max 1 Lvl 90 phantom, lasts 15 seconds).

Drunken Master
   - ?????: Not Yet Released

Dungeon Keeper
   - ?????: Not Yet Released

Dwarf Warrior
   - ?????: Not Yet Released

Ember Blade
   - ?????: Adds 1 Flame Chain (GS) to Ember Blade's Blazing Blades (PS). Deals a burning damage up to 2160, guaranteed hit against below Lvl 90.

Fallen Dominion
   - ?????: Not Yet Released

   - ?????: Not Yet Released

Iron Hoof
   - ?????: Not Yet Released

Lightning Elemental
   - Electromagnetic Field: When Arrec dies, his lightning element is spread to all enemies causing causing them to lose (540) energy.

   - ?????: Giant heroes get additional 180 magic resist.
   - Giant: Mountain, Ancient Protector, Death Bringer, Psychopath, and Shallows Keeper.

   - Big Bang: Bokka masters another mini skill (of US) that deals less damage (990 damage) but costs no energy at all.

Savage One
   - Naga Protection: Heroes with the medal (Naga Race) can get Agility enhancement (+180 Agility).
   - Naga Race: Savage One, Depths Voice, Shallows Keeper (uCool didn't include him?) and Vengeance Spirit.

Shallows Keeper
   - Armored Shell: Every time 15% of the max HP is taken, Shallows Keeper will create a thick shell that removes negative buffs and temporarily increases his armor (by 180).

   - ?????: Summons a skeleton warrior from the bodies of dead heroes.

   - ?????: Sword wielding heroes get additional 180 physical crit.
   - Swordsmanship: Swordmaster, Admiral, Death Knight, Depth's Voice, Ember Blade, and War Chief.

Turtle Fighter
   - ?????: Not Yet Released

Vanguard Warrior
   - ?????: Deals 1350 damage to all enemies upon death.

War Chief
   - ?????: Not Yet Released

Warrior Monk
   - ?????: Beast heroes get additional 180 strength.
   - Beast: Warrior Monk, Bear Warrior, Deathgore, "Mech Racoon" (unofficial name), and Vanguard Warrior.
- All "Central Line Area" Heroes -

   - ?????: Not Yet Released

Cloud Walker
   - ?????: Not Yet Released

Corrupted Angel
   - ?????: Not Yet Released

Death Mage
   - ?????: Int female allies get additional 90 spell penetration (ignore magic resistance stat).
   - Int Female Type: Deathmage, Chaplain, Emberstar, Frost Mage, Ice Mage, Master Mage, Succubus, and Wind Master.

Desert Lycan
   - ?????: Not Yet Released

Disease Bringer
   - ?????: Summoned allies and illusions get additional HP.

   - Flame Cleave: Eva's normal attack deals extra burning damage (up to 2160 cumulative DoT.

   - ?????: Not Yet Released

Forest Guardian
   - ?????: Not Yet Released

Frost Mage
   - ?????: Not Yet Released

Hidden Needle
   - ?????: Not Yet Released

Ice Mage
   - Ice Barrier: Right before Ice Mage is killed, she can protect the weakest ally by an Ice Shield (absorbs up to 6300 damage).

Ice Spirit
   - Energy Leak: Keld causes the silenced enemies to lose energy over time.

Imperial Executioner
   - ?????: Lodot's Power Strike (BS) also absorbs 270 energy and reduces the target's magic resistance by 45.

Lightning Master
   - ?????: Not Yet Released

Lunar Guardian
   - ?????: Not Yet Released

   - ?????: Not Yet Released

Master Mage
   - ?????: Fiera recovers her teammates' energy by 450 upon death.

   - ?????: Not Yet Released

Ninja Assassin
   - ?????: Ninja Assassin's Fatal Dagger (GS) gets higher attack damage. At the same time, the attack will have a chance to throw a poisoned blade dealing up to 891 cumulative damage, or a stun effect ( guaranteed hit against below Lvl 90.)

Nymph of the Sea
   - ?????: Not Yet Released

Old Curse
   - ?????: Not Yet Released

   - ?????: Not Yet Released

Rose Fencer
   - ?????: Not Yet Released

Scorpion Queen
   - ?????: Not Yet Released

Shadow Shaman
   - ?????: Not Yet Released

   - ?????: Whenever an allied hero dies, Saif gains 270 Intelligence from the dead hero until the battle ends.

   - ?????: Tala charms all male heroes, reducing their damages by 15.3 %.

Tusked Storm
   - ?????: Not Yet Released

Vengeance Spirit
   - ?????: Not Yet Released

Wandering Spearman
   - ?????: For every 10% decrease in HP, All troll type heroes gain 10% increased attack speed.
   - Troll Race: Wandering Spearman, Shadow Shaman, Tusked Storm, and Wizard Doctor.
- All "Back Line Area" Heroes -

   - ?????: Not Yet Released

   - ?????: Not Yet Released

   - ?????: Not Yet Released

Light Bringer
   - Sacrifice: Apollo does self destruction and deals massive magic damage nearby when he reaches 10% of his max HP or dies.

Lightning Spirit
   - ?????: Not Yet Released

   - ?????: Not Yet Released

   - Sanctity: Heroes with the symbol (Pilgrim) can get extra (72) magic resistance.
   - Pilgrims: Mystic, Cloudwalker, Deathgore, and Soulhunter (uCool replaced Swordmaster).

   - ?????: Mechanical engineered heroes get additional 27% attack speed.
   - Machinery Type: Pilot, Machinist, "Mech Racoon" (unofficial name), Rifleman, and Sniper.

Poisoned One
   - ?????: Flying heroes get additional magic attack.
   - Flier: Poisoned One, Griffin, Master Mage, Old Curse, Phoenix, Corrupted Angel and Pilot.

Professional Killer
   - ?????: Devours an enemy summon, upgrading his armor and magic resistance by 90 (stackable!).

Psychic Sword
   - ?????: Not Yet Released

Queen of Curse
   - ?????: Not Yet Released

   - ?????: Not Yet Released

   - ?????: Not Yet Released

   - ?????: Perrin significantly increases his critical stat by 270.

Storm Lord
   - ?????: Not Yet Released

   - ?????: Not Yet Released

Wind Master
   - Wind Hunt: Heroes with the symbol (Archery) can get accuracy bonus (+45 Hit).
   - Archery: Wind Master, Commando, Shadowleaf, Professional Killer, and Vengeance Spirit.

   - ?????: Not Yet Released

Wizard Doctor
   - ?????: Not Yet Released

- Other Notes -

Available Legendary Heroes in Heroes Charge

1st Batch
   - Admiral, Psychopath, Ice Mage, Wind Master and Brute.
2nd Batch
   - Savage One, Depths Voice, Mystic, Lightning Elemental and Emberstar.
3rd Batch
   - Light Bringer, Ice Spirit, Bear Warrior, Imperial Executioner, Succubus, Shallows Keeper and Swordmaster.

Uncategorized Hero Series
   - I still need confirmations for the below series so I will leave them here.

Undead Series
   - Soulhunter, Death Knight, Deathmage, Frost Mage, Necromancer, Professional Killer, and War Chief.
   - Soulhunter's effect, but needs confirmation because based from youtube videos, Soulhunter can summon skull warriors without them...

Dragon Series
   - Dragon Knight (unofficial name),  Old Curse, Poisoned One.
   - Coming Soon, hero is still unavailable in HC.

Transformer Series
   - Ancient Protector,  Deathgore and Fallen Dominion.
   - Still unknown which hero has this effect.

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